The strategic partnership of the university and enterprises is the basis of the innovative development of the economy.

On April 1, 2019, together with the director of LLC Parity Coal , Primov B, and the rector of Osh Technological University, Abidov A.O., the dean of the faculty of automobile transport, Zhorobekov BA, heads of departments “TLiTS” Orozbaeva M.T.and “ETiUT” Tazhibaeva Zh.K. a bilateral agreement was signed. It was the partnership agreement between Osh Technological University and the largest enterprise in the south of LLC Parity Coal.The subject of the Agreement is cooperation in the field of education, science, development and implementation of joint educational programs, which are of mutual interest, aimed at meeting the needs of the company in relevant specialists, improving the skills of the company’s employees, introducing new technologies, scientific developments and passing students’ work practices.Innovative development of the economy is based on the introduction of scientific developments in the real sector, a significant increase in the efficiency of innovation activities of enterprises and businesses in general.The innovative activity of the university implies a number of institutional steps aimed at obtaining an innovative result: organizational measures, scientific, technological, financial and commercial projects. Successful implementation of such projects is possible thanks to the creation of a whole system, including research and educational centers and research laboratories.