Symposium “Industry 4.0 for Renewable Energy and Energy Saving Technologies for Central Asia” with the participation of German scientists.

On March 20, 2019, a symposium “Industry 4.0 for renewable energy and energy-saving technologies for Central Asia” with the participation of German scientists was held at Osh Technological University.
Scientists from Germany and Kyrgyzstan presented scientific reports on the current state of the Renewable Energy Industry, discussed promising innovative ideas for future collaboration. The presentations were presented in a broader context “Industry 4.0 for renewable energy and energy-saving technologies for Central Asia”, and included:
• Energy Management using Industry 4.0
• Power electronics for energy management and control;
• Industry 0 interfaces for energy systems;
• Photovoltaic modules and special systems for extreme continental climatic conditions.
The symposium was attended by the teaching staff of Osh Technological University, engineers and researchers of the south of Kyrgyzstan on renewable energy sources, developers of projects and products in the field of renewable energy sources and intelligent solutions 4.0 .; investors in new sustainable applications.

Guests from Germany: Edward Siemens, Klaus Wittmann, Hartmut Schwabe, Peter Krueger, Sebastian Dittmann, Diederich Wermser, Stefan Kurzmann and  Stefan Krause.Edward Siemens is Professor of Electrical, Mechanical and Economic Engineering at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Head of the Future Internet Laboratory of Anhalt (FILA).Klaus Vitman – General Director of the company “Koralewski Industrie –Elektronik oHG”, the city of Hamburgen.
Hartmut Shvabe is a senior fellow at the Fraunhofer Silicon Photovoltaic Center CSP.Petra Kruger – General Director of Efa Leipzig GmbH.Sebastian Dittman-Researcher at the Fraunhofer Center for Silicon Photovoltaics, Halle.Diderich Vermser is a professor of communication systems at the University of Ostfalia.Stefan Kurzmann Consultant of “eab New Energy GmbH”.Stefan Krause is a PV scientist at the University of Anhalt.
The following reports were heard:
1. “Development and Implementation of Research in a Sustainable Energy Solution in Germany” –  by Prof. Ervard Siemens. Eduard Siemens- “RD & D in Sustainable Energy Solutions in Germany” – by Eduard Siemens.
2. “Industry 4.0 Interfaces and IP Based Communication Systems for Renewal.”- by Prof. Diedrich Wurmser.  “Industry 4.0 interfaces and IP-based communication systems for renewables” – by Diederich Wermser
3. “Electrical electronics for controlling energy management in decentralized systems” – by Prof. Klaus Whitman “Power electronics for energy management for decentralized systems” –by Claus Wittmann.
4. “On some experience in the development, creation and introduction into production of installations based on renewable energy sources” –by Prof. Kenzhaev IG.Prof. Kenzhaev – “Based on renewable energy sources” –by Prof. Kenzhaev.
5. “The possibilities of using renewable energy sources in the conditions of the city of Osh” –by Prof. Abdyrakhman uulu Kutmanaly.
6. “Potentials for the use of renewable energy in the Kyrgyz Republic” . RD & D in sustainable energy solutions in Prof. Satybaldiev.
7. “On some methods for estimating wind energy in the south of Kyrgyzstan” –by Assoc. Prof. J. Matisakov.“On some methods for assessing wind energy in the South of Kyrgyzstan” –by Maticakov J.