A business seminar with the participation of business coach Corin Quarterman was held at Osh Technological University from 8th to 20th of April,2019.

A business seminar on the preparation of “Business Plan” was held at Osh Technological University from 04th to 20th of April,2019. The business seminar was held by a USAID ACDI / VOCA business management specialist by the “Farmer to Farmer’’ program, Corin Quarterman. The purpose of the seminar: within two weeks to give students the opportunity to learn key strategies for starting a business, such as financing and marketing.

The scope of her business seminar will focus on the following topics:

How to start a business from scratch?
How to take advantage of business opportunities?
How to develop a business idea and bring it to the market?
How to build a business that wins …?
How to promote your business?