The second round of “The most proficient student” awards took place at the Student Rights department of Osh Technological University (Osh TU).

The event was held on the 5th March. This is also the day of “Ak-Kalpak” The youth committee of the Osh Technological College, the  “Uyman Foundation of Religious Development/Culture” and the “Center of Intellectual Development” coordinated this academic award scheme. Participation was open for all first and second year students.

The main goal was to encourage students to recognize, value and preserve their constitutional rights, access to education and freedom. Through this, students strengthened their love towards their native land and appreciation of the opportunities Kyrgyzstan has to offer for young people.

The Department of Construction achieved first place with Билерман being rewarded “The most Proficient Student” title. Second place was given to the “Department of Social Technologies and Social Sciences.” Third place winner was the “Department of Technology and Design of Textile Products.”