Vice Rector for Science and Innovation

Shamshiev Bakytbek Nurkambarovich

Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, specialty 06.03.03 – Forest management, Forestry; forest fires and their control (2007)

Professor of Ecology (2016).

Academician of the Engineering Academy of the KR, specializing in environmental protection (2014).

Education: graduated from VLTI (RF) in the specialty forestry and landscape management (1990)

Brief information about working experience:

Osh ECONIWC of the State Committee for Nature Protection of the Kyrgyz Republic: Engineer, Doctor of Science;

MGUL: graduate student

OshSU: teacher;

KUU: Head of the Department, Associate Professor;

OHPI: Vice-Rector for Science, Head of the Department;

SD NSA KR: scientific secretary, head of the laboratory, deputy chairman;

Institute of Biosphere of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic: Director;

OshTU: adviser to the rector, coordinator of international projects; vice-rector for science and external relations, professor, vice-rector for science and innovation.

Awards: Honorary Diploma: SAEPF under the RCC, MoINC, the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Kyrgyzstan and the South Kazakhstan National Academy of Sciences, Osh regional and city state administration; He was awarded a gold medal named after N.I. Vavilov Presidium RAE, jubilee medal OshTU, chest badge “excellent worker of education of the KR” and an excellent student “environmental protection of KR”.

Publications: 110 scientific works, 4 monographs, 10 teaching-methodological aids.

Contact details:

Office: (+996 3222) 43314.

Mobile: 0773 75 90 29; 0553759029.