Thepersonnel department

The personnel department is a structural subdivision of the university. The department is guided by: the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic “On Education” and other normative, legal acts in the field of education; Orders, Directions and other normative acts of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic; Regulations “On the state educational standard of vocational education in the Kyrgyz Republic”; Labor Code of the Kyrgyz Republic and other normative legal acts of the Kyrgyz Republic in the field of labor legislation; Regulations of the Higher Educational Institution; the Charter of the Osh Technological University named after Adyshev М.М. (Osh TU) and Collective  agreement of Osh TU.

The work of the personal department is organized and directed to the development and improvement of personnel work, the full and qualitative implementation of tasks to maintain the optimal quantitative and qualitative personnel of the university.

In this way the department: – provides effective control over compliance with legislative regulations on personnel matters.Organizes personnel work   using   the   latest   technics and technology;

-it conducts the work on the selection of personnel required professions, specialties and qualifications in accordance with the goals, strategy and profile of the university, the formation and maintenance of a database on the quantitative and qualitative staff members, their development and movement;

– carries out the work, together with the heads of departments, in the selection, and placement of personnel on the basis of assessing their qualifications, personal qualities, controlling the compliance of the employees’ qualifications with the requirements for their posts in the departments of the university;

– organizes the conducting of employees’ certification, its methodological and information support, takes part in the analysis of the results of certification, the development of measures to implement the decisions of the certification commission, determines the circle of employees liable to re-certification;

-organizes timely registration of reception, transfer and dismissal of employees in accordance with labor legislation, regulations and instructions;

-manages the documentary accounting of employees, issue of relevant activity certificates, record keeping and storage of employment records, preparation of materials for presenting workers to promotions and awards;

-provides preparation of materials on pension insurance, as well as documents, that are necessary for the assignment of pensions;

-it carries out the work on updating the scientific and methodological support of personnel work, its material- technical and information base, introduction of modern methods of personnel management, using the portal of the information system “AVN”;

-carries out the methodical management and coordination of experts’ activity and inspectors on the personnel with divisions of the university;

-controls the execution of legislative acts and decisions of the government by heads of divisions and local certificates of  university  on  personnel  work;

-ensures compliance with the order of employment and retraining of the released workers, providing them with established guarantees, benefits and compensation;

-controls the drafting and execution of vacation schedules;

-carries out the control of observance of the internal labor schedule rules by employees of university, a condition of labor discipline in divisions of university, develops and realizes measures on its strengthening;

– takes exhaustive measures aimed at preparing sound decisions on personnel work;

-timely, in accordance with the established procedure, reports on personnel work;

-signs official (business) documents within their competence;

-conducts work on execution of orders on enrollment, transfer, deduction, assignment of scholarships to students, admission of students  to the SAC, assignment of qualifications to graduates (draft orders) on the basis of reports of deans of faculties and personal applications of students, in accordance with the legislation  of  the  Kyrgyz Republic on education, in the private affairs of students;

-accepts personal files of first-year students and forms a student’s personal file transferred from another university and leads further movement;

-strictly observes the order of maintaining the database of “AVN” system for the students.

Staff structure

Alieva Altynai Kamalovna

Specialty, position: “Electrification and automation of agriculture”, Osh Technological University, 1997, head of the personnel department of Osh TU;

Awards: Certificates of honor and diplomas of Osh TU; Certificates of honor of the town hall of Osh city, 2009; Certificates of honor of the State Administration of Osh region, 2008; Badge “Excellence in Education of the Kyrgyz Republic” – 2010, badge “Excellence in Trade Union Movement, Education and Science” – 2013.

Marital status: Married, mother of three children;

Contact details: office phone 03222 43558, mobile phone (0772) 556071.




Toigonbaeva  Farida  Sadykovna
Specialty, position: Software of computer technology and automated systems, Osh Technological University, 2000, Chief Specialist of the Personnel Department  of Osh TU;
Awards: Honorary diploma and gratitude of Osh TU, Honorary Diploma of city council ,2014, Diploma “Best employee of administrative and management personnel of  Osh TU”, 2013;
Marital status: married, mother of  four  children;
Contact details: office phone (03222) 43558, mobile phone (0773) 610741.





Tolubaeva Aichurok Sharifovna
Specialty, position: Russian language and literature, Osh State University, 2006, Software Engineer of Personnel Department, Osh TU;
Awards: Honorary Diploma of Osh TU 2012, cash reward 2015, valuable gift, 2015.
Marital status: married, mother of four children;
Contact details: office phone (03222) 43558, mobile phone (0779) 382312.









Kaiypova Tazhikan Zhusupovna
Specialty, position: Mathematics, Osh State Pedagogical Institute, 1984, Senior Inspector of Personnel Department, Osh TU;                                                                                                                                                                   Awards: Honorary diplomas, valuable gifts, Osh TU, 1999. Diploma, “The best employee of administrative and management personnel of Osh TU”, 2002, “anniversary medal” of Osh TU , 2014;                                              Marital status: mother of  two children;
Contact details: office phone (03222) 43573, mobile phone (0777) 477442.





Baatyrova Umut Kudashevna
Specialty, position: English language and literature, Jalal-Abad State University, 1999, Inspector of Personnel Department of Osh TU;
Awards: Diploma of Honor, 2010, Diploma “The best employee of administrative and management  personnel of Osh TU”, 2016;
Marital status: Mother of two children;
Contact details: office phone (03222) 43573, mobile phone (0773) 177178.




Bobulova  Barigul  Alanovna
Specialty, position: Economics and Organization of Agriculture, Kyrgyz Agricultural Institute, 1990, Senior Inspector of Personnel Department of Osh TU;
Awards: Honorary Diploma of Osh TU, 2011, valuable gift, 2013, Certificate of Honor, 2014, monetary reward, 2015;
Marital status: Mother of  four  children;
Contact details: office phone (03222) 43573, mobile phone (0772) 499852.






Niyazova Kanykei Bakytbekovna
Specialty, position: Translation and Translation Studies, Osh Technological University, 2012, Inspector of Personnel Department, Osh TU;
Awards: monetary reward, 2015
Marital status: Married, has two children;
Contact details: office phone (03222) 43573, mobile phone (0773) 010201.