Special part

Special part of OshTU

Special part is a structural unit of Osh TU

Special part in its work should be guided by: the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic “On Education” and other normative, legal acts in the field of education, in particular, by Orders, Directions, Disposals and other normative acts of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic, Regulations “On the state educational standard of vocational education in the Kyrgyz Republic”, Labor Code of the Kyrgyz Republic and other normative legal acts of the Kyrgyz Republic in the field of labor legislation, Regulations of the Higher Educational Institution, the Charter of the Osh Technological University named after Adyshev М.М. (Osh TU), orders of the Ministry of Defense of the Kyrgyz Republic, The law of the Kyrgyz Republic on general military duty and Collective agreement of Osh TU.

The special part must organize the work of the university, direct its effort to develop and improve the complete and qualitative fulfillment of tasks on registration and issuance of educational documents, as well as military registration and reporting.

When accepting citizens for work, the special part should check the availability of registration and military documents:

  1. a) for persons liable for military service – the availability of military identity cards or issued in place of temporary certificates
  2. c) for conscripts – the availability of certificates on the postscript to the conscription section and determine whether they are on the military register at the place of residence.

To conduct students’ military registration liable for military service and students conscripts:

  1. a) The registration of all students (men) of full-time education for military registration and the issue of a certificate in the form – 26 for obtaining a deferment from active military service;
  2. b) Submission of the registered lists of students, who were expelled and transferred to the part-time form of learning, and students who graduated from the institution to the military commissariats.

Not later than two months prior to the state certification of graduates, to provide primary information about graduates and the content of their education in the digital version in Kyrgyz and Russian languages, accompanying the “Order-by-Date” in the established form on the database.   To monitor all issuing units for training information on graduates. To prepare information for foreign graduates in three languages: English, Russian and Kyrgyz.To provide services for the issuance and registration of diplomas, academic certificates, as well as temporary certificates and certificates of confirmation.

Akimov Erzhan Magammadovich

Specialty, position: Management, Osh Technological University, 1999. Head of the Special Part Department

Awards: Certificate of honor -”45  th  anniversary of Osh TU”, February, 23, 2008

Marital status: father of two children

Contact details: office phone 03222 43537.0777870301




Chyrmasheva Shaiyrgul Mamatsultanovna

Specialty, position: TCMI, Osh Technological University, 1999, Finance and Credit, KGNU, 2005. Leading Specialist Specialist

Awards: Diplomas of 2017. “Valuable gift of Oshtu” in 2018

Marital status: She has three children.

Contact details: office phone 03222 43537.