Oshtu library

  • Information about the library of OshTU

    Osh TU Library is located on the first floor of the main building.
    Total area of ​​the library: 1502 sq. m.
    There are students’ reading room, a reading room for teachers, a subscription and a department of foreign languages in the library.

    1. There are 3221 copies of textbooks and teaching aids and 32 tablets in the students’ reading room.
    2. There are 3116 copies of textbooks and teaching aids in the teachers’ reading room.
    3. In the subscription there are 95787 copies of textbooks and teaching aids.
    4. There are 10 computers and 1 printer in the Osh TU library.

    On the first floor there are several offices that are used for different events, namely:

    1. The students’ reading room is designed for 66 seats.
    2. The teachers’ reading room is designed for 30 seats.
    3. The meeting room is designed for 50 seats.
    4. Career center is designed 15 seats.

    On the second floor of the library there are several rooms:

    1. The Cabinet of Foreign Languages ​​No. 9 is designed for 40 seats.
    2. Department of Science Cabinet number 8 is designed for 20 seats.
    3. The Cabinet of the diploma projecting number 12, is designed for 18 seats, it is used by all the university and college faculties.
    4. The Cabinet number 10 which is on the second floor is rented by the city library No. 2, which is served equally both for university students and for college.

    Another library has a basement. One part of the basement room uses the library Osh TU for storing books of 109 459 copies of books and teaching aids. The second part of the city library uses the number of books of 21 000 copies.

    Over the past 5 years, the library has purchased 4,518 textbooks and teaching aids for the amount of 2 million 501 thousand 493 soms.


    New books: 705 copies, 246 158 soms;
    Method. instructions: 607ext, 38671 soms;
    Total: 1312 copies, 284 824 soms.

  • For the training of users, the following MODULES of the LIC training courses were developed:

    Use of electronic documentation
    Basics of Computer Literacy and the Internet
    Work with EC, and ABS “IRBIS” – Work in the library and library resources
    Copyright (developed in the frame of the europroject)
    WEB 2.0 in the library (developed in the framework of the europroject)
    Electronic library (developed in the frame of the europroject)

    The Association of Electronic Libraries of Kyrgyzstan (16 members) was established (AELK), including the library of OshTU is a member of the AELK, and the founder of the association, the registration number of the AELK certificate No. 117355-3301-OYL, OKPO code 27489963, INN 01506201110228, Bishkek 15. 06. 2011 GRY series No. 002858).

    With the financial support of the Europroject LIC is equipped with 28 computers, 2 computers with a server, (scanner + printer + copier) -1 “Epson” projector-1, provided with a new version of the ABS program “IRBIS-64”.

    Since 2006, the electronic catalog has begun its function in the library. The electronic catalog (EC) provides access to LIC resources. In 2006, the LIC by grants of Soros-Kyrgyzstan fund gained 2 ABS systems IRBIS-32, in 2011, a grant from the European project KYRLIBNET was provided by the 5th program of ABS IRBIS-64 system.

    The electronic catalog of the fund’s account is maintained on the following databases:

    BD-LIC- Books
    BD-PIJ- Periodicals
    DB-ARJ- Abstracts
    BD-VO- Higher education
    BD-KG- Kyrgyzstan
    BD-NDOKR-Legal and regulatory documents of the KR formation

    Structure of the library:

    Department of Electronic Catalog and Development of Information Resources (ECDIR)
    Department of Bibliography and Electronic Documentation (BED)
    Center for Training and Spreading of Scientific and Technical Information (CTSSTI)
    Department of Electronic Document Delivery and Information Management System (EDD and ISM) – IBA

  • Dear teachers and students!

    The library of Oshtu is glad to inform you that the access to the large Electronic Library System IPRbooks is open!

    ELS IPRbooks – Russian licensed certified full-text database of electronic publications, recommended for using in the educational activities of educational institutions. This database is a reliable and useful resource for study and research, combining the latest information technology and educational licensed literature, designed for different areas of training, through which any user can get the necessary information in preparation for seminars, exams and other works and projects. For teachers of ELS IPRbooks will be useful in preparing curricula, preparing for classes, getting information about new publications of colleagues. And the teachers are given the opportunity to electronically publications of their works and incorporate them into the ELS IPRbooks with subsequent indexing in the RPSC database (ELS IPRbooks is a partner of the E-library Scientific Electronic Library).


    ELS contains more than 100,000 publications, 26,000 educational and scientific works on various disciplines, about 400 titles of Russian and foreign journals, most of which are included in the VAK list, provides access to literature for more than 500 federal, regional, university publishing houses, research institutes, works scientists and leading author’s collectives. Users are granted access to the “Funds of Russian Libraries”, which includes more than 62,000 publications such as rare editions, notes, periodicals, historical, and local literature, etc. For users on the site there are available tests in online mode, which will help to test their knowledge in various disciplines (more than 350 tests).

    ELS IPRbooks are updated daily and updated with new modern editions. Its distinctive feature is the qualitative approach to the selection of literature for the educational process, the recording of the needs of students, teachers and libraries in the necessary editions in the acquisition of funds. Among the undeniable advantages – the speed and convenience of searching and filtering publications, advanced functionality, modern and convenient services for users, high adaptability of the system, careful approach to each reader.

    Work in the online version is available twenty-four-hour on the site http://iprbookshop.ru, On the IPRbooks website in the upper right corner, click the ENTER button, enter the login – oshtu, the password – VyNrZzjn, then go through the personal registration with the full name, e-mail and user type. After the registration is completed, your personal login and password will be displayed in the opened window, and sent to the specified email address.

  • The Rules of using OshTU Library

    General Provisions

    Library of OshTU (further – Library) forms, stores funds on the thematic directions of the educational process and research activities of the University and organizes access to them.

    The library performs scientific, information and cultural-educational functions, provides academic, educational, scientific and innovative activities at the university.

    These Rules are developed in accordance with the Standard Provision “On the Library of Higher Professional Education Organization”, approved by the order of the Education and Science Ministry of Kyrgyz Republic.

    The rules regulate the general procedure for organizing the readers’ service, the rights and responsibilities of the Library and readers.

    Procedure of registration readers to the library

    • The readers are recorded on cards.
    • First-year students are registered in the Library temporarily on an identity card. After receiving the library card, they can attend the entire period of study.
    • After registration, the reader is obliged to acquaint himself with these Rules for the use of the Library and strictly follow them.
    • If readers leave from the University, they must return to the library all the publications listed therein.

    The using rules by card

    Literature is given home after making notes in the cards.

    The reader sows a library card in ordering literature, (students of the first year use an identity card till the end of September).

    In getting books and other materials from the library’s fund, the reader is obliged to carefully look through the publications and, if any defects are discovered, inform the librarian of this, otherwise the reader who last used the publication bears the responsibility for damage to the publications.

     The period of use of the literature given home is limited to:

    • Educational literature is given for a semester, determined in accordance with curricula and programs;
    • scientific literature is given for a period of up to 1 month and not more than 5 copies at a time;
    • Literature no more than 3 copies for up to 15 days.
    • Program literature is given for a semester.

    Rules for using the reading room

    • Service in the reading room is made only after getting a library card.
    • At the entrance to the reading room, you must show a library card for the registration of the visit.
    • In the classical reading room, visitors are given the opportunity to work in the open access to the fund of the reading room, which allows them to independently find the necessary literature, as well as view the available publications in the fund on the topic of interest.
    • The number of books, other printed works and other materials for classes is not limited in the reading room.
    • In case the necessary literature was not available in the reading room, you need in the sections “Electronic Library” or “Electronic Catalog” and make an order by contacting the librarian-manager of the hall.

    Books from the reading room can be given home between 17.00 o’clock of the day and 10.00 am the next day.

    • Literature in a single copy is not given home, but you can make a photocopy of the necessary pages through photocopiers or mobile phones in the hall.

    The master’s reading hall

    • Work with dissertations and abstracts is carried out only in the master’s reading hall. Copying and / or scanning of individual fragments of dissertations and author’s abstracts, including the list of literature, is allowed only with the author’s written permission.
    • Teachers, scientists, doctoral students, master’s, students and scientists of OshTU use the fund of dissertations and author’s abstracts on the basis of a special request letter (see Appendix 1).
    • A letter of application for the right to use theses fund is valid for one calendar year.
    • The responsibility for the correct use of the dissertations is borne by the reader and the manager signing the letter of application.
    • Electronic versions of abstracts and dissertations are available on the library’s website.
    • The OshTU Library forms a collection of dissertations in the traditional (printed) and electronic form.

    Authors are handed over to the library (Management of the acquisition and storage of the main book collections):

    • one copy of the thesis and the author’s abstract in hard copy;
    • The electronic version of the thesis on CDs / flash cards (1 pc.);
    • The thesis must be stitched and hard covered.
    • The library carries out the scientific processing of the dissertation, contributes data to the reference and information-search apparatus of the library.
    • It is not allowed to hand over dissertations to the library with corrections, defects, fuzzy print, etc.

    Rules for visiting the electronic library

    • The electronic reading room provides access to Internet resources and electronic information resources of the library, as well as the opportunity to work with the use of computer-based software for educational and scientific activities.
    • The electronic library is divided for the convenience of users into work areas: multimedia, work with the Internet, graphics programs, electronic resources, electronic catalogs, subscription databases, multimedia files and satellite television.
    • Readers are shown library cards to the library manager when visit an electronic library, (first-year students can use ID cards during September) and recorded in the visit register.

    Readers are not allowed to:

    • have food and drink while working in the hall;
    • Attend and work in the hall coats on;
    • connect and disconnect computer equipment and peripheral devices without permission;
    • Talk on the phone.

    Readers are required to:

    • to check personal media for viruses when using them (flash drives, disks);
    • transfer phones to silent mode;
    • to keep the silence while staying in the hall of the electronic library;
    • to restore its full value at their own expense in the case of damage to the property of the electronic library (equipment, computers, furniture, etc.),.
    • The library administration and employees of the electronic library hall are not responsible for the personal things of users left unattended.
    • If the above rules are not kept, the user may be partially or completely limited access to the services of the electronic library.

    Using rare and valuable publications

    • Using rare and valuable publications is allowed only in the reading room.
    • The reader should treat them with care and do not perform any actions that could cause them any harm while working with rare and valuable publications.

    Rules for outsider users

    • Students of other universities can have library services free of charge by showing a student card.
    • Registration of outsider readers to the library (staff, doctoral students, teacher, master’s degree students) is carried out on the library’s card by performing the identity card / passport and receipts of payment.
    • Outsider readers and legal entities use the services of the library on a fee-based basis, by purchasing a card to use the Library of OshTU. The cost of the subscription is indicated in the pricelist of services, which is developed by the financial body of the university and approved by the supervising vice-rector.

    Working with donation

    The library accepts the following types of editions in traditional and electronic form:

    • educational and teaching-methodical publications (last 5 years of publication);
    • scientific and popular science publications (last 5 years of publication);
    • art albums;
    • domestic and foreign literature;
    • journals corresponding to the library profile or necessary to restore missing copies in the package;
    • manuscripts, publications, classified as rare, unique and valuable.

    Rights and duties of the reader

    Readers of the library have the right to:

    • free use of the main types of library and information services provided;
    • get books and any other sources of information for temporary use on all library cards;
    • receive full information on the list of the library’s funds through the electronic catalog and other forms of library information;
    • have advice in the search for and selection of information sources.

    Readers are required to:

    • follow these Library Rules of Use;
    • to get a literature by performing a library card,
    • take care of books, other works of the press, other library materials and library property;
    • to give back the received editions in the established time;
    • At the entrance to the library, show a library card for employees to take out their coats in the wardrobe, and leave large bags and backpacks in the storage room;
    • to mute phones do not talk loudly, do not bring food and drinks to the reading rooms;
    • in case of loss or damage to the library book – to compensate for the damage caused by a similar book, or a publication recognized by the library as equivalent in amount of “book for a book” or to pay its market price value;
    • Timely extend the period of use of books on loans and reading rooms.
    • In case of delay books given home from the reading room, a punishment of 20 soms for one book and 20 for each subsequent day of delay is imposed to the rule breaker.
    • At the end of the academic year, before August 1st , all books must be handed over
    • Readers who break the rules of use or cause damage to the library bear administrative, civil-law (material) responsibility in the forms provided by the current legislation and the Rules of using the library.

    Readers are not allowed

    Readers are not allowed to:

    • break the silence and order in the premises of the library;
    • use someone else’s document to obtain literature;
    • spoil library publications, make notes on them, emphasize, bend pages, cut and tear off sheets, spoil the label with the RFID-tag of the document, tracing drawings, maps, drawings;
    • go without permission to the office premises, to the subsidiary fund of the book depository.
    • Use scissors, razors, glue, office equipment, duplicated documents in the reading rooms, and take out literature from the reading room;
    • carry out photo and video shooting of library premises and materials. Photo and video shooting is possible only with the permission of the library administration;
    • take out of library literature in the reading rooms and leave unattended personal things

    The library is a territory free from smoking, and immoral. Immoral behavior is also unacceptable here.

    Responsibilities and rights of the Library

    The library is obliged to:

    • serve the readers in accordance with the “Regulations on the Library of OshTU” and these Rules;
    • inform readers about all types of services;
    • provide readers with the opportunity to use all of the library’s collections;
    • popularize their funds and services, develop and encourage interest in books;
    • improve library and information services for readers, introducing computerization and advanced technologies;
    • create and maintain comfortable conditions for the work of readers in the library;
    • To register, store and use books, other works of the press and other materials in the fund in accordance with established rules;
    • be responsible for the safety of their funds, which are part of the national cultural heritage;
    • ensure continuous monitoring of the timely return of the given literature to the library, apply penal sanctions to readers who did not return it within the established period;
    • Do not allow readers to restrict access to documents stored in the library.
    • The library has the right to impose penalties on readers who broke the Library’s Rules of Use.

    If the following rules are broken, readers are deprived of the right to use the library:

    • for using someone else’s library card and breaking the silence in the reading rooms – for 1 month;
    • for damage to books, magazines and other publications (tearing out pages), given their high value – for 3 months;
    • for insulting employees of the Library during their duties – for 6 months.

    According to regulatory requirements, the Library has the right to hold sanitary days. Readers are not served on sanitary days.