Lyceum of OshTU

Foundation  of  Lyceum   School

Academic Council in May 2016, with the advice of  rector Abidov Abdykadyr Omarovich  and  academic council proposed  a special talent in physics and advanced mathematical scholars to  the opening of a school (No. 8.1516) to create a “Vocational Guidance and Professional Center of  preparation by the director  Zairbek  Paizovich. The decision of the Academic Council of the Kyrgyz Republic by the Ministry of Education and Science of Physics and Mathematics the school opened with the purpose of  deep learning  subject at  the lyceum school.

8,9,10,11 school lyceum of  classes created for the year 2016-2017- Ministry of Education and Science has the right to conduct educational activities LB license number 160000315.

School-lyceum for gifted and capable children to get a good education of a wide range of opportunities:

  • Mathematics and physics of subjects;
  • English, Korean, Chinese language school – courses studied;
  • Fashion, organized by designer and leisure clubs;
  • electronics and electrical engineering, organized by Robotics clubs;
  • prepare for urban, regional and national subject olympiads;
  • republican test; in addition to the repreparation the candidates of science, doctors and interested sectors to participate in scientific activities;
  • training halls equipped with modern computer equipment are organized;
  • the global Internet system and related electronic to expand their knowledge in the library;
  • carried out in accordance with the improvement of students’ own creative work, artistic, literary, dance, organized sections;

History of  school – Lyceum

Lyceum OshTU – founded and approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic, Professor A.O. Abidov is a private initiative and school- Lyceum  was opened in 2016-1017 academic  year  by the Ministry of Education and Science (19.08.2016j order No. 1191/1). There are 8-9-10-11 25 students, 15 teachers work in the the first academic year for students.

Currently, the training process is conducted and 8-11 grades students have been accepted by  supporting educational activities in two ways:

  • Mathematics of subjects in the learning process;
  • The subject of physics training;

After school, the republican test  is being prepared on  Mathematics,  Russian, English, biology and chemistry in the preparation classes.   Osh Technological University was opened in the front of the school and information about the activities of the school leavers.

Lyceum  in  OshTU, approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The training was conducted in the Kyrgyz language, and 8-11 grade students. The score of 9 is completed. Currently, students receive education. Students usually come from different regions of Osh, Batken and Jalal-Abad region.

The school-lyceum conducts educational activity in two directions:

  • Mathematics of subjects in the learning process;
  • The subject of physics training;

After school, mathematics, language and literature, physics, chemistry, English, Korean and Chinese circles.

The approved school-lyceum is weaker (state), based on the learning process.

In general, the students themselves chose to gain in-depth knowledge on this topic and tried to be above the level of intellectual and philosophical. Currently, there are 10 teachers at the school. 1 as part of their PhD in Biology, and one of the teacher is master.

The school posed a high command for its  questions:

  • Students provide high quality education in subjects of mathematics and physics;
  • English, Korean and Chinese;
  • Develop computer skills;
  • Moral education in the process of promoting a culture of advanced, effective methods of use;

Testing of teachers of public schools in their practical work are being prepared with  several seminars and special certificates. In accordance with the new technologies, training will exchange experiences with each other. Several methodical books, practical work prepared for the booklet.

In addition, each school is the only Internet cable was introduced during the lesson, the teacher must use the Internet using a laptop,  schools have a projector and 1 printer.

There are Russian language and literature, history, English, biology, chemistry, physics, history and computer science, that gives worthy education  in all departments.

Events Schools are held as follows:

  • School-school lyceum day;
  • Every week, a short break in the song;
  • Various holidays, special parties;
  • Every week on Wednesday and hostels for a student training seminar called “life”
  • Substances on the brain-Ring;
  • Monthly classes International Friendship “in the name of sports competitions;

Once a month, organized in a day reading books, reading, literature, a discussion was held based on the work.

Formation of moral hours of education of students to educational and cultural events is held. Every week, educational goals can be provided in the language of films and discussions.