Institute of Advanced Training and Retraining Personnel Institute of Advanced Training and Retraining Personnel

Institute of Advanced Training and Retraining of Personnel

Institute of Advanced Training and Retraining Personnel of Osh Technological University named after М.М.Adyshev.

The Institute of Advanced Training and Retraining of Personnel (IAT& RP) was organized by the decision of the Board of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic on June 26, 1996 on the basis of the Center of Advanced Training and Retraining of Personnel (IAT and RT), taking into account the needs for specialists of the highest qualification of modern trends caused by radical social-economic transformations in the Kyrgyz Republic and it  is an organizational and legal form in the system of continuous education.

The Institute is a structural unit of Osh TU.

Personnel training is carried out on an extra budgetary basis by concluding agreements with ministries, associations, enterprises, organizations, as well as citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic and other countries, taking into account the actual costs of training mandatory payments to the budget, other expenses and savings.

The Institute carries out its activities on the basis of entrepreneurship and builds its relationships on a contractual basis with legal and physical persons who have completed, as well as secondary specialized education in the main areas:

  • retraining of personnel on the basis of higher education

Earlier, the Institute trained in the following specialties:

  • “Accounting and Audit”
  • “Finance and credit”
  • “Power supply”
  • “Organization of road traffic”
  • “Communication networks and systems”
  • “Biology”
  • “Pedagogy and methodology of primary education”.

In the 2012-2013 academic year, by  the decision of the State Inspectorate for Licensing and Accreditation (Attestation) under the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic, Protocol No. 20/20 from November 23,2012, the license of RC # 55 of registration number. III-107 was received in the following areas. (The license expires on November 23, 2017)

Terms of training:

  • retraining of staff on the basis of higher education – 3 years

Currently, the Institute is recruiting and preparing the following specialties:

Direction: “Economics”

Profile: “Accounting and Audit”

Accounting in a market economy is necessary to ensure control over the rational use of material, labor and financial resources, the safety of property and the identification of internal reserves.

The development of market relations creates real preconditions for the formation of a new system of controlled levers of economic and financial activities, the correctness of the formation of budget revenues and expenditures, the reliability of reporting, monitoring the analysis of financial results, identifying and assessing the reserves of enterprises and the state of accounting, control, etc.

In a market economy, enterprises, firms and organizations need qualified assistance in auditing production and financial activities in order to establish economic efficiency, profits and improve the number of products, works and services provided, as well as determining the correctness of tax system; IC- accounting that is included in many firms, businesses and organizations.

Graduates who have mastered the curriculum well, can fully work in public and private enterprises, firms and banks, financial and tax authorities, in agriculture and industrial enterprises, concerns and research centers, tourism and other institutions as an accountant, auditor and deputy chief accountant … Direction: 580100 “Economics”Profile: “Finance and Credit” At present time , tasks related to planning and rational accumulation of credit resources, the organization and implementation of financial and banking control over the safety of funds and their economical spending, state regulation of the securities market, and the organization of transactions on modern commodity, stock and currency exchanges have acquired particular importance. … Consequently, graduates in the specialty “Finance and Credit” can conduct financial, credit, tax and banking activities in industrial and commercial associations, joint-stock commercial banks, financial departments, as well as in enterprises and organizations with various forms of ownership.

The specialist should know: the basis of financial, credit and tax policy of the Kyrgyz Republic and developed countries of the world community. The most important decrees and orders of the President and the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic on market, finance, loans and taxes; laws governing financial and credit transactions; economic methods of management in a market economy; the budgetary system of the Kyrgyz Republic; organization of mutual settlements between enterprises and organizations; lending and financial control of firms and companies; the procedure for calculating and paying taxes to the budget, etc.

Direction: 640200 “Power engineering and electrical engineering”


  • “Power supply”
  • “Electric power networks and systems”
  • “Alternative energy sources”
  • “Production management” (management in energy efficiency).

At present time, the consumption of electric energy in the national economy has increased significantly, which has led to an increase in the projected capacity of industrial enterprises, cities and agriculture. There was a need to train electrical engineers for operation, maintenance, repair, installation and reconstruction of power supply systems for industrial enterprises, cities and agriculture of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The purpose of training. To train specialists with higher education, graduated from universities, and having the qualifications of a mechanic, builder, physicist, mathematician, programmer, electronics engineer, geologist, radio technician, teacher, technologist and designer, to work in the power supply system of industrial enterprises, cities and agriculture of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Upon graduation, alumni can work:

• in the “Kyrgyzenergo” system (in Osh enterprise of electrical networks, Jalalabad
enterprise of electrical networks, Regional electrical networks)  for installation, operation, maintenance and repair of electrical       equipment for substations and power lines;

  • in project institutes and organizations for the design of power supply systems for industrial enterprises, cities and agriculture;
  • in industrial enterprises for the operation, repair and maintenance of electrical equipment and installations.

Direction: 670300 “Technology of transport processes”

Profile: “Organization of traffic safety”

In modern conditions, when scientific and technological progress is developing rapidly, road transport, which is an integral part of the entire national economy, plays a special role. The role of road transport is especially important for the Republic of Kyrgyzstan. Since due to the difficult terrain, other types of transport, such as sea, rail, air transport and etc., are poorly developed. In these conditions, for the efficient operation of transport, specialists are needed to ensure road safety, control the technical condition of rolling stock, the condition of highways, and the commissioning of highways. In addition, in conditions when the number of vehicles, both state and personal, is growing at a high rate, the protection of the air basin of the Republic plays a special role, for which specialists are needed who know how to reduce the harmfulness of exhaust gases.

The purpose of training. Training of specialists on the basis of higher education in the organization of road traffic.

Graduates of this specialty can work as engineers in the State Traffic Inspectorate system, in departments for the operation of highways, at motor transport enterprises, design organizations, in departments of internal affairs, in committees for environmental protection.

Direction: 690300 “Info-communication technologies and communication systems”Profile: “Communication networks and switching systems” With the development of scientific and technological progress, humanity has achieved impossible results. Integration of international relations created the need to obtain fast and timely information, which led to the emergence of new types of communication: electronic, mobile, digital and satellite communications. Accurate and prompt receipt of information is the key to the success of various enterprises, organizations, firms, government agencies and citizens. In this connection, the need arose for training personnel in communication networks and communication systems.
The purpose of training. Training of specialists with higher education who graduated from universities for various sectors of the national economy. Upon graduation, alumni can work in the system of JSC “Kyrgyztelecom”, Hydraulic engineering structure, Automatic telephone station, as well as in institutions of special and satellite communications for the installation and operation of communication systems.Direction: 750500 “Construction” Profile: • Industrial and civil construction • Expertise and property management In preparing students, the institute closely interacts with regional industrial, construction and other institutions, such as the Osh regional and city administration of architecture and construction “Oshgosarkhstroynadzor”, operational departments, the department for land management and registration of rights to real estate in Osh city. The bases of the above enterprises and institutions, in accordance with the drawn up bilateral agreements, are used during practical, laboratory classes and training and production practices.
Direction: 740700 “Technology and design of light industry products” Profile: “Technology of garments”  At the department, the work is underway to master the methods of CAD (computer-aided design system) clothing for designing and modeling, preparing technical documentation for light industry products.  The main direction of creative work is the study of the Kyrgyz national ethnic costume. The collections of costumes developed by students are actively presented at republican, regional and student conferences, fashion shows and take worthy first places. To carry out these works, there is a computer training laboratory equipped with the necessary technical equipment. In addition, there are sewing laboratories with a fleet of modern sewing equipment for the production of stylish and high-quality clothing. To train highly qualified specialists, there are technically equipped laboratories and workshops, a modern computer class, as well as a library fund with books, magazines and electronic textbooks in the specialty.

Head and staff of the Institute

Zulpuev Ashim Zulpuevich – Director of the Institute of International Relations, since 2004, Professor of Osh TU, Candidate of Philological Sciences (Kyrgyz language). In 1987 he graduated from the Philological Faculty of the Osh Humanitarian and Pedagogical Institute, in 1998 he graduated from the Law Faculty of the Kyrgyz State-National University, in 2008 – from the Institute of Economics and Technology of the Osh Technological University, specializing in Accounting and Audit. Author of 30 articles, 5 teaching aids.

Publications: more than 30 scientific articles, 5 methodical manuals.

Conducts classes in the subjects: “Kyrgyz language”, “Manas” study”.

Contact information: 03222-4-35-85,0772-22-40-93,





Raimbekova Aisuluu Bakirovna – Methodist. In 2001 she graduated from Osh Technological University, faculty “Cybernetics and Information Technologies”, in specialty “Software engineer”.

Contact data: 03222-4-35-85, 0772-86-49-66.







Sadykova Gul Muratalievna, methodist. In 2014 she graduated from the Osh Technological University, Faculty of Natural Sciences, in the specialty “Teacher of Computer Science”.Contact information: 03222-4-35-85, 0776-22-82-95.E-mail:






Ibraeva Makhabat Kayypovna, inspector for educational work, in 2000 she graduated from Osh State University, faculty “Art”, specializing in “fashion designer”.

Contact details: 03222-4-35-85, 0770-24-62-47.





  • At the moment, the Institute trains 310 students. Their training is carried out on the basis of 5 departments of fundamental and special disciplines of Osh TU. It is on a part-time of education.
  • Currently, the graduates of the Institute work in leading and basic positions in the telecommunications, electricity, finance, state management, department of Internal Affairs,, defense, justice, motor transport systems, Southern and other regions of the Kyrgyz Republic and beyond.
  • The Institute works in conjunction with the departments as “Accounting and Audit”, “Finance and Credit”, “Transport Operations and Sustainable Technology”, “Communication Systems and networks”, “Power Supply”.

Graduates, who are the pride of the Institute:

  • Sulaimanov Altynbek Turdubayevich – political figure of Kyrgyzstan, deputy of the state legislative branch  “Jogorku Kenesh” of the IV, V and VI convocations of the Kyrgyz Republic.”
  • Aripov Nazarali Turdalievich – Deputy of the state legislative branch “Jogorku Kenesh” of the V convocation.
  •  Position: Director of the Mandatory Medical Insurance Fund of Osh city under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic.
  • Sultanov Akylbek Shakirovich  – Deputy of the state legislative branch “Jogorku Kenesh” of the V convocation.
  • Position: Member of the Committee on the Rule of Law, Order of Law and Crime fighting.