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  • About career center of Oshtu

    “Career Center” of Osh Technological University was founded in 2004 by the decision of the Academic Council of Oshtu. Career Center – The Graduate Employment Assistance Department is a structural unit. Our mission is to promote the professional growth of students and help them find a job that has the maximum opportunities for their self-realization. This is possible thanks to the Center’s cooperation with professional companies and a variety of government and commercial organizations. The purpose of the center is to strengthen the communication of graduates with enterprises, employers and consultancy on employment.

    For all questions related to organizing events and posting information, contact the Career Center of Osh Technological University by phone (03222) 4-33-90 or by e-mail:

    Tashiev Nurgazy Mamazakirovich

    Now the Career Center provides:

    • service to find vacancies;
    • career development seminars on successful employment;
    • individual advice on choosing a profession and creating an effective resume;
    • regular meetings with alumni, who will happily share valuable experience of their professional development;
    • Job fairs, master classes conducted by company representatives and many other events.

    Within the framework of the UNIWORK project for the Career Center, the audience in the library of the main building of the Oshtu University has been provided with office equipment and computers. Currently, a collection of material on the drafting of the alumni website is being conducted.



    Career Center Oshtu in the contest conducted by the EdNet Educational Association was recognized as “The Best Career Center – 2012” and awarded 1st place among Kyrgyz universities.





    The best graduates with the Committee on Youth take part in the Jogorku Kenesh, the Ministry, diplomatic institutions, representations of the State of the Kyrgyz Republic, mayoralties, business enterprises.

    Special courses on topics “How to write a resume?”, “How to prepare for a meeting with employers” are organized for students of the graduating courses with the training center “Sabat”. Participants are given certificates.

    On December 11, 2016, a seminar was organized for graduates on the topic “How to write a resume?”, Where more than 70 students took part. Actively participated 15 students were awarded certificates.

    January 28, 2017, within the framework of the topic “Conversation with graduates who are the pride of OshtU”, a meeting was organized with our graduate-deputy Zhogorku Kenesh A.M Nurbaev.

    March 9-11, 2017 within the framework of the UNIWORK project took part in the Regional Forum in. Bukhara.

    In April 2017, for the fourth year students with the training center “Sabat” training courses were organized on the topics “How to write a resume?”, “How to prepare for a meeting with employers?”.

  • Seminars

    Since 2012, the educational institution traditionally holds the “Solemn presentation of the diploma”, where the graduates-managers who are sharing with their work experiences are invited. From the side of the educational institution they are awarded red ribbons and the icon “Graduate of OshtU”.

    November 12, 2014 with the graduating departments was organized “Evening Graduates”, where the solemn presentation of the diploma was held.

    The department for the organization of the educational process and the quality of education prepared special tapes and badges for graduates who graduated with honors. A video was made for them by the TV studio “Zhashtyk”.

    Leaders-graduates took part in this event: Colonel of militia Kalmurzaev Nasip, head of Department of transport roads of DEP-21 Turdukulov Adi; chief architect of the city of Osh Zholdoshov Azhymurat. (In 2013, the rector of the Osh State Social University Raiymbaev Chatkal, the general director of OshPVES Ysmanov Emilbek, the general director of OJSC “Oshkoopstroy” Nurbayev Abduvahap) were invited.

    October 23, 2015 was a traditional solemn presentation of the diploma, which was attended by more than 200 graduates. Honored graduates were invited to this event: D.Kokochorov, head of the “Oshhorvodokanal” enterprise, A.Apizakov, editor-in-chief of the “OshPirim” TRC, private entrepreneur, well-known pop singer R.T. Attokurov, who shared their activities.



    On November 15, 2016, a solemn presentation of the diploma was held, where the chairman of the Osh city council Kenesh, J. Ormonov, the vice-mayor of Osh N. Kadyrov, the chairman of the Kenesh directors of OJSCOshElektro A. Artykov took part.

    On November 10, 2017, a solemn presentation of the diploma was organized in the ONMT. The vice-mayor of Osh Topchubaev Asylbek, 1-deputy chief architect of Osh city Tokoshev Altynbek, acting director of Osh-JIA enterprise Parpiev Zhasur took part in it. This event was held on a national scale.

    Information about Stakeholders

    Faculty of Cybernetics and Information Technologies

    • TURM-1
    • Kyrgyz Telecom AAC
    • ElTR KTRC
    • Computing centers
    • City ATS
    • Osh city telephone network (OGTS)

    Faculty of Automobile and Transport

    • City Transportation Department of Osh city
    • Osh city directorate of car parks
    • parking and garages
    • The Main management of the OSRM of Osh and Osh Region
    • LLC “Zhamshit”
    • Management of city roads
    • Agency of passenger’s transport

    Faculty of Economics and Management

    • Branches of CJSC BTA Bank
    • Branches of OJSC Commercial Bank AAC
    • Branches of OJSC FinanceCreditBank
    • Branches of OJSC Amanbank
    • Branches of OJSC Dos-Kredobank
    • Tourist’s agencies
    • Plenipotentiary representation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic in the south of the Kyrgyz Republic in Osh city
    • Travelling agencies
    • Osh City Department of State Statistics
    • Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Osh city
    • Representation of the Government in Osh oblast
    • City Hall of Osh
    • Insurance companies

    Faculty of Power Engineering

    • Osh PVES
    • Open Joint-Stock Company “Oshelectro”
    • Osh HEC
    • IGO Heat Supply
    • JS “OshElektro”
    • OESP Goršvet
    • Energy sales

     Faculty of Technology and Nature Use

    • Combine of improvement and green sector of Osh city
    • State Inspection of ecological and technical safety
    • AAC “Symbat”
    • Southern Branch of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic
    • Ministry of Emergency Situations of the KR
    • SKGE
    • CJSC “Chaarat Zaav”
    • OJSC “Dan Azyk”
    • Kelechek Combine
    • Industrial enterprises
    • ISC GGTN

    Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering

    • Department of Individual Housing and Land Use
    • Main department of Osh city for urban planning and architecture
    • Administration of Osh city for land management and registration for real estate
    • Municipal Housing and Communal Services
    • OJSC “Asphalt-concrete”
    • “KNIRP”
    • Department of Capital Construction of the City Hall of Osh.
    • LLC Arkh.TB
    • LLC “San-Tai”
    • Office of municipal property of Osh City Hall
    • Management of city roads
    • Construction firm “Aikut”

    Faculty of Natural Sciences

    • Educational Department of Osh city
    • Schools in Osh and Osh Oblast
    • Schools of districts
    • Secondary vocational high schools
    • Children’s Creativity Center “Kelechek”

  • Работадателям

    Today’s students and graduates are just starting to build their careers. They will be able to reach professional heights in your company, thereby strengthening its main competitive advantage – intellectual capital.



    The Career Center offers the following types of cooperation to employers:

    • Participation in the traditional job fair – Career Day, which takes place twice a year – in the fall and in the spring.
    • Presentation of the company.
    • Seminars, training and master classes from companies.
    • Placement and advertising campaign of vacancies, internships and practices from companies.

    For all questions related to organizing events and posting information, contact the Career Center of Osh Technological University by phone (03222) 4-33-90 or by e-mail: Tashiev Nurgazy Mamazakirovich

    Meetings with employers
    In order to prepare specialties aimed at grant sites, the Career Center with graduating departments makes contracts with enterprises-institutions on the basis of which the selection committee conducts active work on admission of entrants

    September 22, 2015 with representatives of the company “O” were arranged and announced the necessary information to provide additional work for students.

    On October 12, an event was held with the bank KICB, which highlights information about today’s features of paying bills and the bank’s system.

    On October 12-15, 2016, the Faculty of Cybernetics and Information Technologies of Oshtu held agreements on the passage of practice, the provision of work in the companies Beeline and Megacom.

    February 18, 2017 with representatives of the company “O” held an agreement and announced the necessary information for students of the Osh Technological College.

    On November 15, the UCAID Assembly Hall hosted a meeting of graduate students with representatives of the public association YouthofOsh together with UCAID, where topics were discussed related with paid internships for young people, as well as the problems of finding work and employment in modern conditions. The information on paid internships (agronomist, food technology, accountants, programmer) for the agro-industrial sector with the support of an international project.

    October 20, 2017 with the company “O” organized a meeting for students of 1-2 courses, which covered the topic “How to write a resume?” And scheduling the work of students for vacancies, given their free time from classes. More than 300 students took part in the event.On November 1, a training seminar on “Secrets of Employment” was held with the Business Association of Osh JIA, where 120 students of the FEM took part.

  • Information on employment

    Academic years Number of graduated students Number employed students% % Прим.
    2014-2015 539 305 56.5
    2015-2016 555 399 71,8
    2016-2017 566 428 75,6

  • Regulations on Alumni Association of Osh Technological University

    The Alumni Association of OshTU by  the Career Center (hereinafter referred to as the Association) – is the basis for the voluntary association of graduates, established in accordance with the Charter of OshTU and on the basis of the decision of it’s Academic Council.

    The OshTU Alumni Association is a dynamically developing organization that unites engineers from different generations who graduated from our glorious educational institution – Osh Technological University.

    The main goal of the Association is to promote and maintain friendly relations, create a platform for interconnection and exchange of graduates’ opinions.

    The mission of the Association is the association of alumni, which is a dynamic and interested community created to develop professional, creative and scientific connections within the community and with the University, working together to enhance the University’s competitive ability to preserve, multiply values, uniqueness of university education, culture and traditions.

    Location of the Association: Kyrgyz Republic, Osh city, Isanov street,81.

    The goals of the Association are:

    • Implementation of development projects for OshTU as the leading international educational, investigatory and scientific center;
    • strengthening the prestige of the university in the international space;
    • consolidation and support of students and graduates;
    • assistance to the members of the Alumni Association in maintaining friendly relations between them, in strengthening their contacts with OshTU;
    • increasing the effectiveness of the intellectual potential of graduates, assistance in training and retraining of highly qualified personnel in demand on the labor market;
    • strengthening the corporate spirit among students and graduates of all generations, preserving the unity of values.
    • Supporting business ideas and graduate projects, assisting them in the development and promotion of young brands, including through the provision of preferential participation.

    The subject of the Association’s activities is:

    • organization of relationships between graduates and strengthening their links with the university;
    • Establishment of links between authorities, business representatives and OshTU to train qualified specialists, develop mechanisms of social integration and scientific activity;
    • attraction of talented youth to OshTU;
    • Support of talented students, post-graduate students, teachers, as well as scientific programs and projects;
    • development and strengthening the traditions of OshTU;
    • holding thematic meetings for graduates.

    To achieve this goal, the Association, realizing its rights, solves the following tasks:

    • creates a database of OshTU graduates;
    • promotes the development of effective forms of graduates’ professional development;
    • promotes the development of effective forms and technologies of the organization in educational process;
    • provides assistance of OshTU in the work of youth vocational guidance, recruitment, distribution and placement of graduates;
    • develops (creates) new collective forms of information, legal and advertising services for the Association, assists the members of the Association with consulting assistance in their professional activities;
    • creates conditions for the priority implementation of scientific and practical ideas that directly affect the members of the Association;
    • Identifies sources of funding, resource support, participates in project and program contests for government and other major grants and orders;
    • organizes exhibitions, conferences, fairs, seminars, competitions, etc.;
    • resolves disputes arising between members of the Association;
    • promotes development in the creation of a well-equipped material and technical base of OshTU.

    Information about the members of Alumni Association of Osh Technological University, who hold positions in public, state and management enterprises.

    1. Abdikarim uulu Kyal – Network connections and communication systems, “Unilink” Internet provider, 2016
    2. Abdillaev Shukurbek Shirinbekovich- Chemical technology of inorganic substances, Chief engineer-technologist of the Cement factory “Ak-Sai” in 2002.
    3. Abdukarimov Rahmatbek – Chemical technology of inorganic substances, Head of the training part at secondary school, named after T. Zhumabaev in 2004, an excellent worker of Education in Kyrgyz Republic.
    4. Abdullaev Aybek –Director of the Operational Information Department, lieutenant colonel of the militia in ‘Organization of transportation and transport management”, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Osh city,1999
    5. Abdullayev Arstanbek Uraimovich – Finance and credit. Director of the Social Fund Department in 2001.
    6. Abdullajanov Almaz – Transport and airfields, the chief engineer of the company “ Суутранспромжилстрой”
    7. Abdyvasieva Nasiba –Finance and Credit, Chief accountant of “Optima Bank” in 2000.
    8. Abdyraimov Ilyaz – Network connections and communication systems, Head of the Department of the City Hall in 2002.
    9. Abidov Abdykadyr Omarovich – Automobile and Vehicle Facilities, Rector of Osh Technological University, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor.
    10. Abitov Taalaybek – Car and Automobile Industry, vice director of the State Automobile Inspection in region Kara-Suu.


    1. To be an example in behaviors and actions for the surrounding people.
    2. To be objective in criticism and incorruptible in committed facts, national and world values.
    3. Do not tolerate rude attitudes, humiliations and insults against employees and students of the university and all persons at any time and anywhere. A polite relationship with all people inside and outside the university.
    4. Do not allow students to discuss their professional and personal shortcomings with their colleagues.
    5. Do not allow duplicity, deception, deceit, gossip, arrogance, selfishness, greed, envy, hatred and actions against a person.
    6. To observe the aesthetic appearance of the university teacher in clothing, decoration, style of behavior, etc.
    7. To keep clean the aesthetics of the workplace, classrooms and accomodations, adjacent areas of the university.
    8. Strictly observe labor and executive discipline at work. Do not allow disruptions, late work. Observe the schedule of work.
    9. Timely note in the labor journal current student performance and attendance.

    10.In assessing the knowledge and skills of students to show goodwill, care and objectivity, not to allow formalism.

    1. Avoid plagiarism, pseudo-authoring in scientific and methodological work, fraud (overstating the performance indicators) and formalism in teaching students.
    2. During the examination sessions and the SAC do not allow circulation with credit books and individual examination papers and you must not engage in prosecution.
    3. Do not allow yourself and others to commit corrupt practices (bribery, extortion, protectionism, etc.), violate laws, regulations and current regulations of both the higher education institution and the higher education sphere of Kyrgyz Republic. Do not sell grades, graduation papers, coursework and tests.
    4. To show justice and adherence to principles. Do not divide people into “their” and “strangers” according to national characteristics, by sex, age, relationship, acquaintance or community.
    5. Show sincerity and full confidence in all employees and students of the university.
    6. To share experience, knowledge and achievements in science, teaching and methodological work and practice at their university and other universities.
    7. Provide mutual assistance and cooperation between employees among themselves and between employees of the university.
    8. Openly talk about achievements, advantages and disadvantages, violations in the university. Make suggestions to prevent these shortcomings.
    9. Observe and fight for the honor of the University (OshTU) everywhere and always.
    10. Do not allow commercial advertising, political agitation, within the university.
    11. To be in constant contact with the Ethics Committee of OshTU. Give suggestions on making additions and changes to the Code of Ethics and the Regulations.
    12. All teachers of OshTU are obliged to carefully study the Code of Ethics, to observe and fulfill its requirements.
    13. For non-compliance with ethical standards, OshTU employees bear adequate responsibilities in accordance with the legislation of Kyrgyz Republic, the Ethics Regulations and the Charter of OshTU.

  • Please excuse us, that this website is developing now

  • Please excuse us, that this website is developing now