Department of Information Technology and Computer Maintenance

History of ITC

The service center, established in 2007, was renamed in September 2016, the Department of Information Technology and Computer Maintenance (OITiTOC). There are six employees in the department: Saadalov T.- manager, Zhomartov JA-engineer-programmer, Mamatjan uulu Adil-engineer, Erkinbai uulu-Nurgazy-engineer, Oromzamatov Kelechek-engineer, Ashyrbaev

Elaman is an engineer.

OITITOK provides high-quality technical condition of computer (more than 800 units) and other office equipment (more than 250 types) located in OshTU, installs operating systems, drivers of peripheral devices and office programs, provides uninterrupted Internet and work of OshTU local network developed by them.

Department of repair and service

To apply for repair and maintenance of PCs and peripherals, you must fill out the following form:

form of form (download)

To apply for refilling cartridges, you must write a report and fill out the following form:

form of form (download)

Application for connection to the Internet

form of form (download)

Consultations and recommendations on various issues can be obtained by contacting our specialists.

Department of Network Technologies

Tasks of the department:

– Ensure uninterrupted operation of the server park

– Ensure the stable functioning of the computer network

– Provision of network services to university employees and students

Available services: Windows Update, Antivirus, Wireless network, Internet, E-mail


Head of department:

Saadalov Tolonbai Ismanovich

tel .: 0773 41 02 25


Engineer programmer OITITOK: Zhomartov Zh., Tel .: 0779525224

Engineer OITITOK: Oromzamatov K., phone: 0773376759

Engineer OITITOK: Erkinbai uulu N., phone: 0770 101070

Engineer OITITOK: Mamatzhan uulu A., phone: 0778455568

Engineer OITITOK: Ashyrbaev E., phone: 0778177768

Quantitative indicators of computers and other office equipment OshTU

Name of office equipment For educational purposes For administrationцелях Всего  
1. Computers 650 78 728  
2. Laptops 42 42  
3. Tablets 46 46  
4. Scanner 5 5  
5. Printer 109 10 119  
6. MFP (Multifunction devices) 76 11 87  
7. Smart board 10 10  
8. Projectors 53 53  
9. Interactive Board «Smart Touch” 1   1  
10. Information-Reference Terminal 1   1  


Quantitative indicator of office equipment for 2017

Computers Num. Proj. with monit. num. Laptop num МФУ кол. Проектор кол.
1. Intel DC gforce 2gb 20 6 5 10 5
2. Intel Dual Core 10




Saadalov Tulunbai Ismanovich

Position: Manager

Degree: PhD in Physics. science

Mobile Phone: (0773410225)




Zhoomartov Zhanybek Ababakirovich

position: Engineer programmer

mobile phone: (0779525224) and (0553552224)







Orozmamatov Kelechek Marsbekovich

position: Engineer

mobile phone: (0773316759)







Mamatjan uulu Adylbek

position: Operator

mobile phone: (0778455568)







Erkinbai uulu Nurgazy

Position: Engineer

Mobile phone: +996770101070