Department of Information and Innovative Technologies of Education

Department of Information and Innovative Technologies of Education

In order to implement the AVN information system, online and innovative educational technologies in the educational process, at the Osh Technological University, on 03.09.2012, according to the order of the principal No. 09-04 / 194, the Center for Distance Education and Quality training (TSADOKO). In the same year, work was begun on the introduction of the AVN information system (IS) in order to automate the training process at OshTU.

On April 23, 2013, according to the order of the principal (№09-04 / 89), the TsDoiKO was renamed the Center for Innovative Technologies of Education (CIITO).

In order to optimize the structural divisions of OshTU, on November 20, 2017, according to the order of the principal (№09-04 / 308), CIITO was renamed the Department of Computerization and Innovative Technologies of Education (CIiITO).

The structure of CIITO includes: AVN control center, multimedia information and computer center (MICC), electronic library of OshTU. The Center also coordinates the implementation of Online education technologies (OET) in faculties and innovative education technologies.

Main functions of the OIITE

  • OIITO was created for educational, methodical, information, technical and consulting support of teachers and students participating in the OshTU educational process;
  • OIiITO, together with faculties, organizes the provision of educational services for educational programs implemented at the university, using distance learning technologies;
  • OIITO introduces ready-made software products, develops new programs for automation and management of the educational process at the university.
  • OIITO administers the AVN AV supervises the learning process using DOT.
  • Carries out the planning of the educational process, organizes and monitors the work of instructors-consultants in the implementation of the educational process using DOT. Documented reports on the results of the educational process, controls the recording and archiving of the results of the learning process in print and electronic form.
  • OIITO develops and accompanies the Web site, the AVN portal, provides the content of the Web site, performs a range of activities for the development, implementation, operation and maintenance of the software and information support of the portal including AVN.
  • Together with the library and departments of OshTU provides the functioning of the electronic library.
  • OIITO coordinates and supervises scientific and methodological activities in the development of educational and methodological materials necessary for the implementation of the learning process with students studying in remote technologies and the introduction of modern technologies for distance learning into the learning process.

Multimedia Information and Computer Center (MICC) 

MICC is a computer room that contains 60 computers. The center is equipped with 60 modern computers .Teachers and students of OshTU can use free Internet services. Also, students are tested while passing current and State examinations on the history of the Kyrgyz Republic.

In 2005, in order to control the level of knowledge of students, ensure transparency and objectivity in taking exams, as well as prevent corruption and other negative phenomena during the examination sessions, a testing center started to run.

OIiITO software engineers developed packages for a number of application programs such as the Admissions Committee, Testing Admissions and Students, Personnel (Staff) Department, and Student Personnel Department.. At the present time the automated system “UNIVER” is being developed.

The electronic library contains all the electronic teaching materials developed by teachers of the departments, as well as more than 10 thousand electronic copies of books.

Staff OIiITO

Bokoev Kutman Amirbaevich
Head of Department, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Contact Information: Phone: +996 779 556071;

The following employees work in the department:
Zhiyanbekov Aibek Zhamaldinovich – senior engineer programmer;
Tel .: 0550 005 538,                                                                                                                                                     E-mail:

Toktosunov Ulukbek Abdilazizovich – engineer programmer;
Tel: 0555967797,                                                                                                                                                          E-mail:

Kozhomberdieva Nazirahan Tashpolotovna -Supervisor;
Tel .: 0777 618 418

Duyshoeva Aizhan – Senior Inspector;
Tel: 0779 404 188,                                                                                                                                                         E-mail:

Mamatov Bayysh Nuramzayevich – engineer programmer;
Tel: 0770 399 333,

Sirazhdinov Akmatali – engineer programmer;                                                                                                         Tel .: 0770 646312,

Borbushev Artur – engineer programmer;
Tel .: 0558 931993,

Asilov Zalkar – engineer programmer;
Tel .: 0770 145 141,                                                                                                                                                                     E-mail:

Ulan uulu Daiyrbek – engineer programmer;
Tel .: 0771 760 534,

Mamatkara uulu Kuduret – engineer programmer;
Tel .: 0557 008838