Department for organization of educational process and quality of education

Department for organization of educational process and quality of education

The department for the organization of the educational process and the quality of education OshTU(DUPUPO) is the main unit of the university responsible for organization, planning, management and control of the educational process in accordance with the approved curricula of specialties / directions, state educational standards, programs, other educational and methodological documents and normative acts of the higher education system of the Kyrgyz Republic, regulating the educational process, as well as ensuring the quality of education by approbation and introduction of innovative methods, modern teaching technologies, study and dissemination of best practices.

Goals and objectives of OshTU:
Effective organization, planning, management, monitoring and analysis of the quality of the OshTU educational process based on the introduction of new education technologies, sustainable development of the OshTU education system, taking into account modern standards and requirements for the training of highly qualified personnel.

The main tasks are:

  1. Effective, long-term planning of OshTU’s activity in recruiting and graduating specialists / bachelors in all forms of training.
  2. Coordination of preparation of necessary, organizational, administrative and information-reference documents in accordance with activities;
  3. Expedient planning of current educational work, analysis of the educational process and its adjustment, monitoring and management of the educational process, development and improvement of the system of measures to improve the quality of education;
  4. Coordination of the work of faculties, departments, branches, IPPK and other departments of Oshtu to provide the educational process and improve the quality of education;
  5. Generalization and dissemination of positive experience of departments and faculties, as well as other universities of the KR, near and far abroad on the organization of the educational process and independent work of students, development and introduction of new teaching technologies in the educational process;
  6. Developing activities and programs to improve the academic work based on the analysis of reports and the results of the training activities of the OshTU;
  7. Provision of educational, methodological, advisory and other assistance to heads of departments and services that recommendations, regulations and normative materials on the organization, planning and control of the educational process.provide the educational process and its quality;
  8. Provision of faculties, departments, branches with the necessary educational and methodological
    In order to systematically monitor the quality of the educational process, the Department of Education Quality (Order No. 399/1 of May 19, 2003) was established under DOUPIPO, the main tasks of which , are the organization and conduct of licensing, accreditation, evaluation of the effectiveness of the units of the university to ensure the quality of training specialists in accordance with the requirements.

The structure of the ADDIA:

  • Department of the quality of education;
  • Career Center;
  • Department of Information Technology and Computer Maintenance;

Director of the Department for Organization of the Educational Process and Quality of Education, OshTU, Associate Professor Aytiev Myktybek Arapbaevich

Head of Education Quality Department Azimova Alimakan Alibaevna

Leading Specialist
Tashiev Nurgazy Mamazakirovich

Leading Specialist
Urkunbaeva Nasyyatkan Gulchorovna

Leading Specialist
Asilbekova Ajamal Asilbekovna
Leading SpecialistAyipova Ayperi Alaybekovnae-mail: