Department for Educational Work and Social Development

  • Department for Educational Work and Social Development

    Director of the Department for EW and SD Ramiz Jumabekovych Idyrisov
    The teacher of the department of ES  (TC)
    Specialty: electrical engineer
    tel: 0777 144 124






    The main task of the department is to conduct moral, legal, patriotic, international, civic and physical education of young people, increase self-reliance and desire for self-government of students, improve youth policy in OshTU, ongoing work is on:

    • forming in students a sense of respect for human values, national traditions, fostering respect for traditions, state symbols, democratic gains;
    • raising the level of ethical, aesthetic and environmental education;
    • education in a democratic spirit;
    • preventing students from joining the ranks of religious extremist groups;
    • Not only social life deserves special attention, but also the organization of entertainment, cultural and sport events, leisure and recreation for young people, the creation of youth initiative centers, student clubs and schools, debates centers, helplines, clubs and interest groups;
    • Improvement of social and living conditions in the student dormitory. The composition of the department for educational work and social development consists of:

    The department for educational work and social development consists of:

    • Committee for Youth Affairs;
    • Student Ombudsman;
    • Deputies of faculties for educational work;
    • TV “Zhashtyk”;
    • The newspaper “Stud times”;
    • Cultural aesthetic center;
    • Students dormitory;
    • Student canteens and buffets;
    • Women’s Council of OshTU and the Council of girls OshTU.

    The Department for Educational Work and Social Development was led by:

      • Turgunbaev Sabyr, Candidate of MS, Docent (1993-1995);
      • Nazarov Muhamed Madaminovich Candidate of MS, Docent (1995-1996);
      • Attokurov Urmat Tulgunovich Candidate of PS, Docent (1996-1998);
      • Karimova Minara (1998-2002);
      • Sagyndykova Adepkan Apsamatovna (2002-2004);
      • Onkoshova Gulnara Kalmakovna (2004-2007);
      • Arzimatov Azizbek Kabylovich (2007-2009);
      • Toktogulov Taalaibek Sadykovich (2009-2014);
      • Pakirdinov Rustam Rakhmatullaevich (2014-2016);

  • Information about the TV studio “Zhashtyk”

    Ergeshova Asylzat Bakytbekovna

    Position: Director of TS Zhashtyk

    tel: (+996) 775027520


    Zashtyk television studio is one of the first broadcasting television studios of higher educational institutions in the south of Kyrgyzstan. It was created by the decision of the Academic Council in 1996 and received a certificate of the mass media from the direction of the justice department of the Osh region. In 2018, 22 years have passed since its foundation.

    TV studio “Zhashtyk” aims at real representation of modern reality, widening the horizons of students, raising the level of their knowledge, acquaintance with the most important events and events in the university, as well as the aesthetic education of modern youth. Every week the TV studio “Zhashtyk” carries out public information broadcasting about the successes and latest achievements of the university, the problems of its tasks and prospects for its development, everyday life and the social life of students, presents scientific and educational and cultural entertainment programs, introduces them to new developments, laboratory, lecturing materials of the best teachers, helps students in the preparation of their independent and scientific works. Students have ample opportunities to try their hand at the specialties of TV presenters and TV journalists. All conditions have been created for studying cinematography, voiceover, editing art. Creation of interesting independent videos and programs of students is encouraged.

    “Zhashtyk” TV studio carries out close partnership, business ties with TV studios and TV channels “OshTV”, “ElTR”, “Channel 7”, “Yntymak TV”, “Osh Shamy”, “Osh Zhanyrygy”, “Osh Pirim”,,,

    Information about the newspaper “Stud times”

    The Stud times newspaper was founded on November 24, 2003 and was registered by the Ministry of Mass Media as a mass medium. Its first leaders were Amatova Ainagul (2003), Kimsanov Kushtarbek (2003-2004), Tashiev Nurgazy (2004-005), Jalilov Atakul (2005-2008). Since 2009 Bakirov Erkinbai has been the chief editor of “Stud times”.

    At the beginning of its way, the newspaper came out in black and white in a four-page version with a circulation of 1000 copies. Now the newspaper is published in color format on eight pages with a circulation of 1,500 to 5,000 copies through the Bishkek independent printing house “Media Support Center”.

    “Stud times” is one of the most popular and informative newspapers among modern university publications in the south of Kyrgyzstan.

    The newspaper “Stud times” broadly covers the latest news, achievements, successes at OshTU, student and teaching activities, news in the world and in our state, views and points of view on various issues, discussion of promising and strategic plans for the development of our society and the place of youth in it and other important problems.


     Staff members of TV “Zhashtyk”


    Kadyrova Akshoola Akbaralievna

    Position: Editor

    tel: 0773 676893





    Bakirov Erkinbai Nimatillaevich

    Position: Editor

    tel: 0771870900






    Salibay uulu Kylymbek

    Position: Operator

    tel: (+996) 500193138






    Ravshanbekov Danislam Ravshanbekovich

    Position: Operator

    tel: (+996) 774177608





  • Cultural and aesthetic center


    Saparbay kyzy Dinara

    Position: head of the cultural and aesthetic center

    tel: (+996) 700 18 36 45



    Cultural and Aesthetic Center (CEC) – was formed in 1994 on the basis OshTU’s cultural center that have been functioning for a long period with a developed material and technical base and highly qualified specialists. The center of aesthetic education is one of the main structural divisions of the university and conducts certain work on the implementation of a single, targeted educational and training program on the social, moral, general cultural and professional development of the student’s personality.

    The main tasks of the center for aesthetic education of students are:

    -revealing the aesthetic needs of students, introduction and joining them in aesthetic activity;

    -practical activities in music, choreography, drama and other circles;

    – ensuring interaction coordination with the student trade unions, the youth committee, deans, departments and individual teachers in the development of an integrated educational program for the implementation of professional and creative opportunities of the students;

    -the direction of the activities of creative groups in terms of interests and inclinations in order to have maximum student development;

    – advertising of the Center’s activities, preparation of information and bibliographic material;

    -progress of creative achievements of students, promotion of creative abilities and inclinations of students;

    -the implementation of specific activities based on the results of the achieved creative results;

    -resolution of the issues of strengthening the material and technical base of the Cultural and Aesthetic Center.

    Functions the following circles in Cultural and Aesthetic Center (CEC)

    1. Choir – (collective choir with students).
    2. Folklore – (komuz players, choor, chopo choor, sybyzgy, ooz komuz, temir ooz komuz, zhigach ooz komuz, dobulbas, asa tayak, shyldyrak, duludak, taytak, etc.).
    3. Folk vocals – (folklore, ensemble, akyndyk, aitysh, manaschy, dastanchi, sanat, akyinek aytuu, satirical talent, master of the word, etc.).
    4. Variety vocal – (techno-pop, hip-hop, rock-n-roll, break dance, jazz, rap, etc.)
    5. Classical vocals – (vocalize, solo singing, quartet, trio ensemble, etc.).
    6. Dances – (folk dances, oriental dances, classical dances, modern dances and others.)
    7. CJR – (CJR, Club of cheerful and resourceful, satire, humor, interlude, etc.).

    Achievements of CEC

    In 2016 the team “Universal” became champions of the 8th season of the league Tamashow. In 2016 – 2017, twice became champions and owners of the cup “Ak kalpak.” The dance group “Kyz Zhibek” won the nomination of the year 2017 as “Best Dance Group”. In 2017, OshTU took second place at the city music contest “Ala-Too Jazz”. In 2018, during the 10th Tamashow season at the winter festival, the Original team won the title of “Best Team”, they also successfully play in the southern branch of tamashow. At the opening of the 7th season of the southern branch of Tamashow, the “Original” team took the first place and went to the next tour.

    2018-2019 became a fruitful year for the cultural and aesthetic center, as we added a huge number of rewards to our success “bank”. In April 2019, the head of the cultural and aesthetic center Saparbay kyzy Dinara visited the Ural State Economic University in Yekaterinburg on a business trip and received a letter of gratitude from the rector of USUE for active participation in the cultural activities of the university. In the spring of the same year, the city CJR competition was held among power engineers and OshTU team took first place. On May 1, the CJR OshTU team, having won first place, became the owners of the Konulduu Zhigitter Cup. Also, the CJR team of Osh Technological University “Original in Bishkek” became champions of the 12th season of the Tamashow Major League for two years of its activity.

    Employees of CEC


    Surname: Oskonbaev

    Name: Cholpon

    Middle name: Kurstanbekovich

    Position: Head of the Music Section

    Mobile phone: 0709909007




    Surname: Abdilaaziz uulu

    Name: Zhakshylyk

    Position: Choreographer

    Mobile phone: 0704759809



  • Youth Committee

    Surname: Doranbek uulu

    Name: Joomart

    Subdivision: DViSR. Youth Committee

    Position: Chairman of the Youth Affairs Committee

    Mobile phone: 0707919629



    One of the main structures of OshTU is the Youth Committee and Youth Center. The student senators of the faculties, the student’s ombudsman, girls’ Council, the FC, the ENACTUS team debate-discussion clubs and the youth training center, school of leaders for the development of the world outlook of our youth, implement their activities in the committee. They are called upon to encaurage our students with legal, social, material support, arrange cultural events among them and at the university: contests, debates, round tables, festive evenings, sports competitions. These activities are provided in close cooperation with the vice-deans for educational work and other responsible persons of OshTU.

    At present, the head of the committee is Doranbek uulu Joomart. He recommended himself as a talented organizer, speaker and linguist. The Committee works in close cooperation with similar committees of other universities, city and regional committees and centers.

  • Students’ Hostel of OshTU

    Students’ dormitory in OshTU is constructed as residential buildings of 105-series: there are 84 apartments and 430 beds. Since 1990 it was given to OshTU for use. 14-rooms are allocated for teachers from the dormitory. One room belongs to the sewing workshop of the NUT faculty. One room is shared for a students’ dining room. The rest of 68 rooms are reserved for students. The fee for the year is 6,000 (six thousand) soms. Due to the great number of students, the beds up to 430-470 are located. Rooms from the first floor are specially designed for storage of soft and hard furniture.

    All the necessary tools for fighting a fire are installed.

    All bathrooms are equipped with electro-water heaters, kitchens are equipped with kitchen furniture and electric cooking plates. The kitchen is provided with soft and hard furniture (tables, chairs, beds).

    The student dormitory is fully connected to central heating. In their free time, students have the opportunity to attend and participate in concert programs, competitions, quizzes, discussion clubs and CJR organized for them.

    For security purposes in the dormitory, students help the night guard on duty.

    Zhusubaliev Sardarbek

    Education: higher, 1992, Osh Technological University.

    Activity: in 1998 he worked as a commandant of the educational building of Osh State University.

    Position and place of work: Director of the OshTU hostel.

    Awards: Diploma of OshTU.

    Contact phone: 0773 07 02 59


    Work plan for 2020-21 academic year of the student dormitory

    The following conditions have been created for the social protection of students.

    1. Medical center for patients (isolation ward)

    1.The nurse of the polyclinic examines students on time who are not feeling well. In addition to providing first aid to students, she provides the necessary medicines after measuring blood pressure. If a student’s illness is dangerous, she sends them to a family clinic.

    2.Separate reading halls for boys and girls

    Specialized rooms for preparing students for classes.

    3.Место для просмотра телевизора.

    In their free time, students watch TV programs together. Discuss news and various programs.


    In the living room, students communicate educational, cultural and social issues.

    5.Students’ canteen

    Especially for students, kinds of different meals with a discount are cooked in the kitchen.

    6.Police department

    Together with the administration of OshTU and the Ak-Buura Department of Internal Affairs, one room in the dormitory was allocated for police management. This unit is headed by Major Ulanbek Pazylov. Always keep your students safe.

                                       Girls are doing their lesson tasks

    Girls are always together and do their home assignments. They help each other with complicated tasks and discuss about their ideas.


                                                              Discussions before going to bed
    after doing home tasks they discuss about  their plans for the next dey.

    15 staff members work at the dormitory:

    1. Director of the dormitory – 1
    2. 2.passport officer – 1
    3. janitor – 4
    4. 4.maintenance workers – 4
    5. 5.janitor – 1
    6. 6.electrician – 1
    7. 7.plumber – 1
    8. 8.carpenter – 1
    9. 9.nurse – 1

    10.chef – 1

    Zhusubaliev Sardarbek, director of the student dormitory

    Trakiev Nariman, electrician

    Ashurov Mahamujan, carpenter

    Raimova Jyrgalbu, janitor

    Zupueva Gulzada, janitor

    Mamytova Yrys, janitor

    Ergeshova Gulsun, janitor

    Ysmayilova Kalys, technician

    Rysbaeva Baktygul, technician

    Seidalieva Zebi, technician

    Kyrgyzbaeva Aichurok, technician

    Isakova Batma, technician

    Sarybaeva Sharapat, technician

    Orozova Zhamilya, technician

    Zheenalieva Nurzida, nurse