The Mission of OshTU, strategic goals and objectives of OshTU, brief information about OshTU


  1. Mission of Osh Technological University
  2. Strategic goals and objectives of Osh Technological University
  3. Strategy of Osh Technological University until 2020
  4. History of the university
  5. Subdivisions of Osh Technological University
  6. Information, sport and students’ committee
  7. Contact information


Mission of Osh Technological University is aimed at training of competitive and demanded specialists for the national and international labor market, at the recovery and development of the economy, production, technics and technology.

  Strategic development plan of Osh Technological University named after M. M. Adyshev for the 2020 – 2025 academic years.

  1.  Goal 1. Training of competitive specialists in various fields of knowledge, taking into account the needs of the individual, society and the state.

The policy of the Osh Technological University (hereinafter Osh TU) in the field of education will be aimed at:

  •  Implementation of an objective selection for training of the most gifted young people of our country and our partners, who consciously want to study at the university in the chosen specialties and areas of training, implemented on the basis of observing the principles of equal opportunities, accessibility of education and using active professional orientation work of the university;
  •  Improvement of the structure and management system of scientific and educational units with an increase in the capabilities, role and responsibility of each structural unit;
  •  Creation and improvement of the quality management system of the educational process in combination with regular external audit of educational programs;
  •  Carrying out a systematic personnel policy in terms of training of teaching staff, improving their qualifications and competitive selection of teaching staff from among the most suitable for teaching and educational activities of persons personally involved in scientific research, taking into account the continuity in the areas of training and on the basis of open selection criteria;
  •  Development of the content, methods and technologies of education, the use of modern teaching methods, information technologies, project methods, a competent approach, the formation of educational programs based on the results of research activities, the implementation of the possibilities of individual educational trajectories, the formation of new interdisciplinary educational programs that realize the advantages of a multidisciplinary classical university;
  •  Development and expansion of the set of bachelor’s and master’s programs in a wide range of areas of training, demanded in the labor market of specialists, taking into account the opinion of employers;
    Creation of new programs and development of existing forms and programs of lifelong education in order to meet the needs of all categories of citizens in acquiring new knowledge and competencies, raising their professional level, using inter alia distance learning;
    • Development of the material and technical base of the educational process to the level corresponding to a modern university; introduction of mechanisms for interaction between the university and employers, ensuring the attraction of additional material, intellectual and other resources to the education sector;
    • Integration into the global educational space through the implementation of international agreements in the field of education, expansion and strengthening of educational, scientific and cultural ties with leading Russian and foreign universities.
    Strengthening and stable maintenance of academic mobility of students and teachers, attraction for teaching.
  • The strategic plan for the development of the Osh Technological University named after M.M. Adyshev for the 2020-2025 academic years

History of University

The training of engineers for construction, transport and power supply, based on our university began in 1963, when the general technical department of the Frunze Polytechnic Institute was opened in order to introduce young people from the southern region of the Kyrgyz Soviet Socialist Republic to higher technical education in Osh city. It was an evening training for three years.175 students were admitted to the faculty annually, of which 50 – in the specialty “Industrial and Civil Construction”, 50 – in the specialty “Power Supply of Industrial Enterprises and Cities”, 75 – in the specialty “Automobile Transport”. For three years, students underwent general technical training, and completed their graduate studies at the Frunze Polytechnic Institute or other technical universities of the Soviet Union.


Subdivisions of Osh Technological University
In accordance with the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic “On Education”, the Regulation “On State Educational Institutions of the Kyrgyz Republic, Osh Technological University has the following structural units:

  1. Institute for Advanced Training and Retraining of Personnel;
  2. Institute of Applied Sciences;
  3. International Uzgen Institute of Technology and Education named after Academician B.M. Murzubraimov;


  1. Humanitarian – Technological College


  1. Faculty of Automobile Transport and Service Technology;
  2. Faculty of Energy;
  3. Faculty of Architecture and Construction;
  4. Faculty of Cybernetics and Information Technology:
  5. Faculty of Economics and Management;
  6. Faculty of Technology and Environmental Management;
  7. Natural-technical Faculty.

University departments:

  • Personnel Department
  •  Department of science;
  • Department of international relations; ● Center for Information and Innovative Technologies;
  • Department of Education quality;
  • Department of Accreditation and Licensing;
  • Editorial and publishing Department;
  • Department of Information Technology and Computer Maintenance;
  • Department of Postgraduate and Doctoral studies;
  • Department of Magistracy;
  • Department of special and Mobilization work;
  • General department;
  • Department of civil defense, labor protection and safety;
  • Archive;
  • Medical center;


  • Department for the organization of the educational process and the quality of education;
  • Department of educational work and social development;
  • Department of International Educational programs;
  • Joint Trade Union Committee;

Financial and economic activities:

  • Accounting;;
  • Planning and finance department;:
  • Administrative part;


  • Center for career guidance and pre-university training;
  • Center for advanced training of teachers and the organization of short- term courses;
  • Career center;
  • Cultural and aesthetic center;
  • American Resource Information Center;
  • Korean language center;
  • Chinese language center;

Educational Scientific Laboratory:

  • Climate change and land use;

Information, sport and students’ committee:

  • Television studio “Zhashtyk”;
  • Social and cultural newspaper “Stud times”;
  • Student magazine “Universal”;
  • Scientific journal “Izvestia OshTU”;
  • Library;
  • Digital library;
  • Sports club “Namys”;
  • Students’ hostel;
  • Youth Committee;
  • Office of the Student Ombudsman;

Osh Technological University named after M.M. Adyshev is a higher professional educational institution, in its activities it is guided by the Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic “On Education”, decrees of the Kyrgyz Republic, decrees and decisions of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, other normative legal acts of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Charter of Osh Technological University named after M.M. Adyshev.

In 2006 this university passed accreditation / certification, as a result of which certificate №SF 160000073 was issued, confirming the status of a higher educational institution, (university) implementing a higher education program (bachelor’s degree) with the right to award academic degrees in areas of training according to the application with the issuance of state-issued diplomas. (Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic №. 369 \ 1 dated March 28, 2016).

In 2017, Osh Technological University   passed independent accreditation in the areas / specialties according to the appendix: “Certificate №. VU180000022, in 2017 (order of the accreditation agency for educational programs and organizations №. 3004 December 27, 2017). ”

The total number of the university employees in the 2020-21 academic year is  829 people. The teaching staff – 525 people, of which full-time – 471; part-timers-54; administrative and management personnel -95people.
In 2021, 98 people are employed in the positions of educational support personnel, and 111 people are employed as junior service personnel. Of the 525 members of the teaching staff – 14 doctors of sciences, professors, 116 candidates of sciences, associate professors. The teaching staff with more than 10 years of experience in the university is 68%.

The university employs:

  • 1 Honored Scientist of the Kyrgyz Republic, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic.
  • 2 honored education workers of the Kyrgyz Republic.
  • 2 honored workers of science and education of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.
  • 1 academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.
  • 3 corresponding members of the Engineering Academy of Science of the Kyrgyz Republic.
  • 1 Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.
  • 10 members of the Union of Artists of the Kyrgyz Republic.
  • more than 85 of the teaching staff who received the badge “Excellence in Public Education of the Kyrgyz Republic”.

The average age of doctors of sciences and professors is 55 years; candidates of sciences, associate professors – less than 38 years.

Women play an important role in personnel training. Among them: 3 doctors of sciences, professors; 37 candidates of sciences, associate professors; 278 senior lecturers and teachers.


Contact Information:
Address of Osh Technological University,
Osh city, Isanova street,81.
Email address: