The Mission of OshTU, strategic goals and objectives of OshTU, brief information about OshTU


  1. The Mission of Osh Technological University
  2. Strategic goals and objectives of OshTU
  3. Strategy of OshTU for the period until 2020
  4. History of University
  5. Structural subdivisions of Osh Technological University
  6. Information, sport and student committee
  7. Contact Information


The Mission of Osh Technological University:

  • Providing high-quality and acceptable education by using the latest educational technologies and innovations.
  • Fully supporting and promotion of the economy and production recovery, technology development in the country through the training of highly qualified specialists of the new formation, those are prepared on the principles of a competence approach and able to practical implementation the knowledge acquired in science, production, and entrepreneurship.
  • Attainment of international recognition.


Strategic goals and objectives of OshTU

  1. To improve the quality of education in OshTU to the level of advanced universities in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia with the subsequent entry to the international level.
  2. To increase the prestige of the university as the most advanced engineering, technical university in the South of the country.
  3. To enter to the international area in the sphere of education.

4. To achieve recognition in the regional, Central Asian and international educational space.


Strategy of OshTU for the period until 2020

  1. By 2020, fully complete the transition of higher education in OshTU to international and European standards.
  2. Implement a set of measures for the university to pass national and international accreditation.
  3. Strengthen the professional and orientation work among applicants with the use of modern IT-technologies, social networks and the media.
  4. To provide high-quality and accessible education using the latest educational technologies and innovations.
  5. Expand and improve the internal management system and internal monitoring of the education quality assurance at the university.
  6. Transfer OshTU into a modern scientific, technical, engineering, technological and creative center.
  7. To create an effective system of educating young people in the spirit of respecting national honor and dignity, patriotism, preserving the traditions and customs of their people, high culture.
  8. To organize an effective system against corruption at the university.
  9. Promote graduates of our university in employment not only in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic, but also near and far abroad, who able to compete successfully in the international labor market.
  10. Strengthen the research work of the Teaching Staff and enter to the international level.
  11. To attract Teaching Staff and students for active participation in international research and educational projects, to take their rightful place in the international educational system, to encourage young people to integrate science and education.
  12. To raise the qualitative level of the Teaching Staff of the university. To take an active part in seminars, trainings, conferences and round tables, organized by city, regional, republican and foreign universities.
  13. Strengthen relations with the leading universities of the near and far abroad on the exchange of experience.
  14. To strengthen the economic, material and technical base of the university, to create all conditions for the training of highly qualified specialists.
  15. To create a modern sports and recreation base in OshTU, to promote a healthy lifestyle among the youth of our university.
  16. To improve the system of assessing the work, payment and rewards of TS


History of University

Training the engineers of construction, transport, and electricity supply on the basis of our university began in 1963 when the general technical faculty of the Frunze Polytechnic Institute was opened to access the youth of the southern region of the Kirghiz Soviet Socialist Republic with the highest technical education in Osh. Training the engineers was three years, evening. The faculty annually accepted 175 students, 50 of them on the specialty “Industrial and civil construction”, 50 people – specialty “Electricity supply of industrial enterprises and cities”, 75 on the specialty “Road Transport”. Students here passed general technical training and completed their studies at senior courses at the Frunze Polytechnic Institute or other technical institutions in the Soviet Union.


Structural subdivisions of Osh Technological University

In accordance with the Law of the KR “Education”, the Regulation “On State Educational Institutions of the Kyrgyz Republic Osh Technological University has the following structural units:


  • College of Technology
  • Uzgen College of Technology and Education named after Academician B. Murzubraimov;


  1. Faculty of automobile transport;
  2. Power Engineering Faculty;
  3. Architecture and Construction Faculty;
  4. Faculty of Cybernetics and Information Technology:
  5. Faculty of Economics and Management;
  6. Faculty of Technology and Nature Using;
  7. Faculty of Natural Sciences

Departments of the University:

  1. Financial planning department;
  2. Department of postgraduate and doctoral studies;
  3. Department of Magistracy;
  4. Special and mobilization work department;
  5. Common department;
  6. Archives;
  7. Support Center of Technology and Innovation;
  8. Medical dispensary;


  1. Institute for Advanced Training and Retraining of Personnel;
  2. Institute of Applied Sciences;
  3. Institute of language training and international educational programs;


  • Department for organization of educational process and quality of education;
  • Department for educational work and social development;
  • Administrative and economic department;
  • Personnel department;
  • Department of science;
  • International relations department;
  • Department of civil defense, labor protection and safety;
  • Accounting
  • The trade union;
  • Center for information and innovation technologies;


  • Center of pre-university training;
  • Career center;
  • Cultural and aesthetic center;
  • Center of state language;
  • American information resource center;
  • Korean language center;
  • Chinese language center;

Educational-scientific laboratory: Climate change and land using;


Information, sport and student committee:

  • TV studio “Zhashtyk”
  • The public cultural newspaper “Stud times”
  • Student magazine Universal;
  • Scientific journal “Izvestia” OshtTU;
  • Printing house;
  • Library;
  • Digital library;
  • Sports club “Namys”
  • Student hostel;
  • Youth Committee;
  • Office of the student ombudsman;

Osh Technological University named after M.M Adyshev is the highest professional educational institution which is guided by the Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic “On Education”, the Decrees of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Resolutions and Decisions of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, by other normative legal acts of the Ministry Education of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Regulations of OshTU named after M.M. Adyshev.

In 2006, Osh technological university named after acad. M.M. Adyshev had passed accreditation / attestation and was given  a certificate No. SF 160000073, confirming the status of a higher education institution (university) implementing higher professional education programs (bachelor’s degree) with the right to award academic degrees in the direction of training in accordance with the application. (Order of the MES of Kyrgyz Republic No. 369/1 of March 28, 2016).

In 2017, the OshTU named after M.M. Adyshev  passed independent accreditation in the following directions/ specialties in accordance with the application: Certificate No. VU180000022, in 2017 (order of the agency for the accreditation of educational programs and organizations No. 3004, December 27, 2017).

There are 406 members of PTS, 11 doctors of science, professors, 96 candidates of science, docents in OshTU. Professor-teaching staff with more than 10 years of work experience at the university is 72%.

There are 1 Honored Worker of Science of the Kyrgyz Republic, Academician of the NAS of the Kyrgyz Republic; 2 Honored Workers of Education of the Kyrgyz Republic; 2 Honored Workers of the Geological Survey of the Kyrgyz Republic; 9 academicians and corresponding members of branch academies; more than 80 teachers of OshTU are “high achievers of public education of KR”.

The average age of doctors of science and professors is 55, candidates of sciences, professors – 52, candidates of science, docents – less than 40 years.

Women play an important role in education training, among them: 2 doctors of sciences, professors : 24 candidates of science, docents; 82 senior teachers and 83 teachers.



Contact Information:
The address of Osh Technological University, city ​​of Osh, N.Isanova street, 81.



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