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  • Department Of Science

    Teshebaeva Zulumkan Abdymanapovna – Head of Science Department, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor of Osh TU. Specialist in the field of pathology of insects, microbiology, plant protection, general and industrial ecology, forest ecology. More than 40 scientific works have been published.

    Contact information: e-mail:
    Phone: office +996 (3222) 4-33-14; mob. 0773271014

    The department of science of the Osh Technological University in its activity is guided by the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic “On Science and the Foundations of the State Scientific and Technical Policy, ( dated by June 16, 2017,No 103), the Regulation” On the preparation of scientific – pedagogical and scientific personnel in the Kyrgyz Republic “(approved by order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kyrgyz Republic, National Academy of Sciences of Kyrgyz Republic, dated by November 9, 1995 № 8с / с-3/2), regulatory legal acts of the KR, provisions of Higher Attestation Commission of KR, the Charter of Osh TU and other internal legal documents of the university.

    In the development of scientific, scientific-organizational activities of the University, a great contribution was made by the vice-rectors for science and external relations of Osh TU, who worked in different years. They are: Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Koshakova M.D., Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor Kenzhayev I. G., Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor Orozbekov E.T., Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic, Honored Worker of Science of the Kyrgyz Republic, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor B.A.Toktoraliev, the Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, professor Shamshiyev B.N.
    In its time Associate Professor of Osh TU Satybaev A, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor Attokurov A.T, Candidate of Biological Sciences., Associate Professor Asanov M.A, Doctor of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor Atakulova M. worked as the chiefs of the Science Department.
    At the present time the head of the department of science is Teshebaeva Z.A., the candidate of biological sciences.

    Scientific activity of the Osh Technological University is carried out by the following structural divisions: Department of Science; Institute of Applied Sciences (IAS); 2 scientific laboratories at the Institute of Applied Sciences: 1) Climate change and land use. 2) Research Computing Laboratory; scientific and technical council (STC); Interdepartmental Dissertation Council; more than 40 teaching laboratories; Department of Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies; department of magistracy; departments and faculties.

    Planning, organization, maintenance of all scientific activities at the university, its accounting and reporting on it is carried out by the Science Department.
    The scientific department of Osh TU is engaged in the development of scientific projects within the framework of grants received through international organizations, as well as through the Department of Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic, scientific and technical programs of a regional and national character;
    provides scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff training through postgraduate study, doctoral programs and master’s programs;
    organizes and controls scientific works of all departments of the university and its educational, scientific and production complexes;
    takes a direct part in the implementation of fundamental, search, applied and methodical scientific researches, which is an indispensable part of the training of specialists and the basis of bachelors high quality training, masters and specialists with higher and secondary professional education and schoolchildren.
    supervises the observance of the main principles of scientific research works of Osh TU which are:
    a) research and development of fundamental and applied problems of science, techniques and technology, scientific foundations of new educational technologies;
    b) implementation of research works of a scientific and methodical character;
    c) involving students to research work;
    d) writing and publishing scientific journals, monographs, textbooks and teaching aids;
    e) participation in the implementation of their research results at Kyrgyz Republic enterprises and organizations.
    e) organizes the interaction of scientific research at Osh TU with different ministries, departments, international foundations, etc.
    In accordance with the University scientific direction “Scientific, scientific-technical bases for the development of innovative and elite engineering education in Kyrgyzstan”, activities are being carried out to improve the educational process on the basis of modern achievements of science and technology by using new methods of scientific research. Large-scaled scientific researches of fundamental and applied character are actively carried out, innovative activity in various directions of science and technology is conducted.
    At present time, Osh TU has a powerful human potential, established scientific schools for carrying out research work. About 200 teachers and researchers are involved in scientific research, in the development of new equipment and technologies. More than half of them are doctors and candidates of sciences. Among them, 1 Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic, 2 Honored Scientists of the Kyrgyz Republic, more than 25 Academicians and Corresponding Members of Public and Professional Academies, 16 Doctors and 107 Candidates of Science as of January 1, 2021.

      information and telecommunication technologies and new materials;
      energy and transport (including alternative energy sources and road safety problems);
      building, design, architecture and mining;
      machine science, chemical technologies in agriculture and biotechnology;
      problems of environmental protection, nature management and biodiversity conservation;
      Integrated development of mineral resources;
      Technology of production, processing and storage of agricultural raw materials;
      economic problems of Kyrgyzstan;
      Linguistic and methodical issues of describing foreign languages for educational purposes and developing new technologies for their teaching.

    Scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff training at Osh Technological University (Osh TU) is conducted through training in Master’s, Postgraduate and Doctoral courses.
    Much attention is paid to the potential of academic and leading industrial institutions usage in the south of Kyrgyzstan to improve the students’ professional level and elite training. This is the organization of practices, internships for students and young scientists, conferences, summer schools, seminars, joint research on grants and projects.
    development and implementation of scientific projects in the framework of grants received during the competition, conducted by Kyrgyz Republic Education and Science Ministry;
    implementation of contractual research and development work by order of industrial enterprises and organizations;
    implementation of topical scientific researches by undergraduates, post-graduate students, doctoral students of Osh TU;
    scientific research activities by faculty members of Osh TU departments within the framework of individual work plans in the academic year;
    participation of Osh TU students in research work;
    participation of Osh TU scientists in international scientific programs and projects.
    Most of teachers, undergraduates, post-graduate students, doctoral students and university students take part in developing and researching current scientific issues.
    Osh TU Council for Science and Technology has been functioning from 2003 at the University (CST) purpose of which is: coordination of scientific research, development of strategies and implementation of the scientific and technical concept of the university; integration of scientific activity and educational process; improving the quality of training highly qualified scientific and pedagogical staff.
    Matters on the results of the research work of the departments are heard and discussed at the CST meetings, the reports of the projects are being listened to by the Sciences Department of the Education and Science Ministry of Kyrgyz Republic, international projects, decisions are made on recommendations for the defense of candidate and doctoral dissertations. Scientific researches and training of personnel at Osh TU are focused on the priority directions of development of science and technology, critical technologies and the main tasks of the university development.
    Research work is carried out in accordance with the perspective directions of the economic and social development of the republic.
    A significant place in the plans of scientists’ research work is occupied by the most important topics carried out by the decrees of the Government of the KR and complex target programs of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic.
    Scientists of the Osh Technological University have developed a number of important research and innovation projects that have been introduced into production and educational institutions.

    The work on the participation of Osh TU scientists in scientific competitions has significantly intensified. From 2018 to 2020, scientists of Osh TU carried out 7 scientific projects through the
    Department of Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic in priority areas, with a total funding of 4213.895 thousand soms.

    During 2018-2020, Osh TU scientists received 39 patents and copyright certificates for inventions and utility models.

    Scientists of the Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection conduct long-term research on monitoring forest ecosystems in Kyrgyzstan, study ecology, biology, distribution, dynamics, harmfulness of the main pests and diseases of forest ecosystems and agriculture in Kyrgyzstan, and develop integrated methods of combating pests and diseases of plants. Also, together with the Institute of Systematics and Ecology of Animals of the SB RAS (Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences), KazSRIPPQ (Kazakhstan Scientific Research Institute of Plant Protection and Quarantine), the research work is being carried out to study the biological diversity of entomopathogenic microorganisms in natural biocenoses in the south of Kyrgyzstan, a number of highly virulent strains of entomopathogenic bacteria, fungi and viruses have been identified against a number of forest and agricultural pests.

    With the participation of scientists from Osh TU, together with scientists from the Engineering Academy of the Kyrgyz Republic, a number of machines for various purposes based on a variable structure mechanism have been developed and created, including hand-held electric perforators, hand-operated jackhammers (electric and hydraulic drive), hand rammers, machines for cleaning ash-and-slag pipelines at Combined heat and power plant, hammers of large size, etc., which are introduced into production.
    Scientists of the Faculty of Architecture and Construction have compiled a scientific basis for standardizing earthquake-resistant construction, a methodology for calculating buildings and structures of their foundations, taking into account joint work when designing in conditions of collapsing soils, taking into account seismic effects. Technologies for obtaining innovative building products from local mineral raw materials have also been developed. The parameters of manufacturing a ceramic hollow block for the construction of low-rise buildings have been substantiated. Prototypes of new architectural and construction products were obtained, including a pigment from red clay, wall stone and wall blocks from sawing waste of limestone-shell rock.

    Scientists of the department “Technology of agricultural products processing” monitored the health status of the population in the south of Kyrgyzstan for type II diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, together with the staff of the Institute of Medical Problems of the South Branch of Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic, analyzed and identified non-traditional herbal supplements growing in the south of Kyrgyzstan, such as Jerusalem artichoke, figs, persimmons, hard wheat varieties, etc.

    Scientists of the Faculty of Power Engineering proposed a method for controlling substation Automated Control Systems, using a control signal proportional to alarms and total reactive load, which makes it possible to create effective adaptive systems for automatic switching of networks and control of Static Power Compensators for substations, which ensure the correct functioning of the control system in various operating modes.
    Based on the results of studies of automatic control structure of the complex of substation reactive power compensation means, methods have been developed for the synthesis and calculation of the adjustment parameters of the compensation regulator, ensuring its adaptability to the operating mode of the power system, as well as computer modeling of operating modes and its practical application in automatic control systems of a complex of statistical reactive power compensators of high -voltage substations.

    Scientists of the Faculty of Automobile Transport carry out research work on the creation of a control and monitoring system to solve the logistical problems of vehicles in the network of Osh city, a comprehensive research of Osh city based on a satellite navigation system, as well as methods of control and monitoring of GPS navigation.

    Scientists of the Faculty of Natural Sciences have created technologies and equipment for food processing industries with the aim of long-term storage of perishable agricultural products in the Kyrgyz Republic. A drying technology and equipment for the production of powders and obtaining products from them with a combination of various types of plant and animal raw materials with full preservation of useful initial properties have been proposed. Experiments on drying and grinding agricultural products have been carried out.
    In order to obtain powder materials from agricultural raw materials, optimal design variants for a grinder, mixer, vibrating screen and other auxiliary equipment have been developed and manufactured for the technological line. During testing in production, positive characteristics were obtained in terms of metal consumption, energy consumption. A technology has been developed for obtaining ready-made powder mixtures for fast food preparation. The proposed mixture for quick cooking provides a balance in terms of mineral content, vitamins sufficient in fiber content.
    Scientists- geologists of Osh TU, together with partners from the South Kyrgyz Geological Expedition, conducted exploration and prepared a feasibility study for the development of the Sary-Bulak phosphorite deposit, which is suitable in terms of its qualities for the production of agricultural phosphorus fertilizer. According to the results of scientific and experimental studies, on the samples of the Alai coal basin, rather high contents of bitumen extraction in the benzene extract were revealed from 22 to 40%.
    This made it possible to distinguish the coals of this basin as sub-bituminous and makes it possible to build a large semi-coke coal enterprise in the Alai Valley with the production of semi-coke, process gas and heavy tar. Heavy tar in this case is used as road bitumen.

    A number of deposits of mineral pigments for the construction industry have been studied, colorful shades of red, pink, crimson, yellow and white pigments that are stable under different climatic conditions have been obtained.

    The south of the republic is rich in deposits of natural facing stone. Commodity blocks and products from natural stone of Kyrgyzstan are exported. Osh TU scientists, together with partners from “Atauul” LLC, initiated a project for the development of the Western section of the Sary-Tash shell limestone deposit, located in the Uzgen district. Together with the Institute of Natural Resources of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic, a resource-saving technology for processing waste from stone mining and stone processing is also proposed. The advantage of the proposed technologies is an increase in the yield of commodity blocks, an increase in the yield of finished products, a reduction in waste and a decrease in its cost.
    The presence of demand for stone architectural and construction products in the markets of Russia, Kazakhstan and China allows for the export of such products to the external market.

    Scientists of the Faculty of Economics and Management conduct research on the economic and social problems of Kyrgyzstan. A package of methodical and methodological recommendations is being developed that can help enterprises and organizations successfully implement international financial reporting standards.

    The innovators of the university are ready to make a feasible contribution to the production of gypsum-containing building products from local raw materials from the deposits of the Nookat region.

    University scientists have created a combined solar – wind power plant that allows to get hot water and electricity using solar and wind energy.

    Many scientific developments of the university are at the stage of industrial testing and, based on the results of their implementation, a significant economic effect is expected: “A farm economic plot for the production of building materials from local fuel and raw materials.” A new technology of independent production of building materials (ceramic bricks, cement) on farms with the use of the simplest mechanisms and equipment has been proposed. The design received a patent from the Kyrgyz Republic.

    “Transfer of a rural communal boiler house to a new economic and environmentally friendly method of generating heat from lignite fines and dust.”

    A technical project and a business plan have been developed for organizing the production of briquetted fuel directly at the place of consumption, technological modes of combustion and utilization of ash and slag products of fuel combustion.

    The developed method of generating heat has been repeatedly tested in the boiler houses of the production association “Oshteplokommunenergo”. Industrial test videos are available.

    At Osh TU, work is underway to provide consulting services.

    For example, the Department of “Roads and Airfield” conducted geodetic surveys, advised employees of the Iranian company “AIHANLAR” on the selection of asphalt concrete mixtures content, their testing and quality control during road repair work in the streets of Osh and Jalal-Abad cities.

    The department of “Construction production” provides consulting services for the registration of license documents as part of an expert of the State Architectural and Construction Committee.

    Consultations are held in the development of projects to other organizations and institutions. 1. By order of “Tuzbel-Tash” LLC, a technical working project was prepared for mining sites No. 17 and 21 of the Sary-Tash shell limestone deposit. The project received an expert opinion on environmental -industrial safety and protection of subsoil, and was defended at a meeting of the Commission of the State Agency for Geology and Mineral Resources under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic.

    By order of “Moldosh” LLC, preliminary geological and exploration work was carried out at the granodiorite deposit.

    Experimental project of compaction of collapsible soils by hydro-blasting method for the object “Water tanks in the Ken-Sai massif in Osh city”, “Musay” LLC

    Innovation and construction project “Compaction of loess subsidence soils of the foundation by the hydro-blasting method at the object” Water supply to the Ken-Sai residential area of the 2nd stage of construction (water pipe and reservoir) in Osh city “,” Ablai ” LLC.

    Structures of fire walls made of bricks and local soil materials for extensions to residential buildings in areas with a seismicity of 9 points “, Ai Kut” LLC

    Expert opinion “Establishment of possible causes of damage to structural elements of a compartment of a 60-apartment residential building No. 16 in the “Anar” micro district of Osh city and an assessment of its current technical condition”, LLC “DIA-S”, Osh City Hall, State Agency for Architecture and Construction of Kyrgyz Republic.

    Innovative construction project “Arrangement of subsoil by the method of preliminary soaking of soils followed by deep explosions (hydro-explosive method of soil compaction) for the object:
    Water reservoirs under the project “Construction of engineering infrastructure of Sary-Kolot- (“Besh-Uy” village) Ak-Tash rural government, Karasuu district, Osh region. Water supply” ,
    LLC “Musay ”.

    University scientists are the authors of over 100 inventions and utility models. Over the past three years, more than 16 scientific discoveries have been introduced into production.


    The Osh TU Science Department holds annual international, republican, regional scientific and practical conferences for the teaching staff, scientific and practical student conferences, scientific and pedagogical lectures for graduate students and young scientists, scientific seminars, round tables on topical issues, etc.
    So, during 2012-2020, more than 20 conferences were held at Osh TU, of which 12 were international, 8 were republican and regional, more than 60 were round tables, 85 were seminars.

    2012, June 8-9 – International Scientific and Practical Conference “Science, Technology and Actual Problems of Technology”;

    2012, December 11 – International Scientific and Practical Conference “Mountains and Climate”

    October 2-3, 2014, International scientific and technical conference “Current state, directions of development of engineering technology”.

    2015, November 27-28, International scientific and practical conference “Innovative technologies for solving the problems of integrated development of mineral resources and sustainable development” dedicated to the 215th anniversary of the prominent public and political figure Alymbek Datka Asan Biy uulu and the 100th anniversary of Academician
    M.M. Adyshev.

    2016, November 26, International scientific and practical conference dedicated to the Year of History and Culture of the Kyrgyz Republic and the 70th anniversary of the public figure, Honored Teacher of the Kyrgyz Republic, Doctor of History, professor. B.A. Nurunbetov.

    2017, October 20, Republican scientific and practical conference dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the professor of the department of “Construction production” Sarybai Akmatovich Akmatov

    May 11, 2018 regional scientific conference “Problems of Science, Technics and Technology” dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the scientist and writer Samiev Mamatibraim Samievich. The conference was held in 3 sections, 86 scientific reports were heard.

    May 18-19, 2018 Republican scientific-practical conference “Physical and technical problems in science and education”, dedicated to the blessed memory of Professor Asanov Mamatazim Asanovich and the 25th anniversary of the Department of Physics. 122 scientific reports were discussed at the conference in 5 sections.

    November 15, 2018, International scientific-practical conference “Ecology and nature management: topical problems of science, practice and education”, dedicated to the Year of Regional Development in the Kyrgyz Republic and the 20th anniversary of the Department of “Ecology and Environmental Protection”, Osh TU. In 3 sections, 85 scientific reports were discussed, a collection of conference materials, based on the conference materials, was published in the scientific and technical journal “Izvestia Osh TU”.

    On March 20, 2019, Osh TU hosted an international Symposium “Industry 4.0 for renewable energies and energy-saving technologies for Central Asia” with the participation of German scientists. Scientists from Germany and Kyrgyzstan presented scientific reports on the current state of the renewable energy industry, discussed promising innovative ideas for future joint work.
    The presentations were introduced in the broader context of “Industry 4.0 for Renewable Energy and Energy Saving Technologies for Central Asia”, and included: Energy Management Using Industry 4.0; Power electronics for energy management and control; Industry 0 interfaces for power systems; Photovoltaic modules and special systems for extreme continental climates.

    On April 11, 2019, a scientific and practical conference “The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for determining the state and monitoring of ecosystems” was held at Osh TU. This conference was held within the framework of a joint international project “RESQ-DABRO” between the International Institute of Mountains, the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic, Osh Technological University and the University of Rostock city, the Department of Geodesy and Geo-informatics in Germany.

    May 24, 2019, International Scientific and Practical Conference “Applied Mathematics. Fundamental and Applied Research and Education Issues “dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the birth of Professor Zh.S. Satarova. The conference was held in 4 sections, where 94 scientific reports were heard.

    June 27, 2019, International scientific-practical conference “Topical issues of science, technology and education”, dedicated to the 65th anniversary of Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Bolotbek Mukayevich Seitov. The work of the conference was carried out in 4 sections, 129 scientific reports were heard.

    October 11, 2019, International scientific and practical conference “Science and innovative technologies – the basis for the development of the Kyrgyz Republic”, dedicated to the year of regional development and digitalization of the country and the 70th anniversary of the birth of Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor of Osh TU, Director of the Institute of Natural Resources of the South branch of Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic Zh.A. Arziev.

    On June 14-16, 2019, a republican summer school for young mechanical scientists, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the honored inventor of the Kyrgyz Republic, professor. S. Abdraimov was held at Osh TU.

    On December 16, 2020, Osh TU hosted the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Modern Trends in the Development of the Education and Science System in the Digital Age”, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the state and public figure, academician B. M. Murzubraimov

    On October 16, 2020, Osh TU hosted the International Scientific Conference “The State of Accounting, Analysis and Auditing in the Context of Digitalization: Problems and Prospects for Development”.

    Osh TU annually hosts the Regional Scientific and Practical Conference of Young Scientists and Students “Science. Technologies. Innovations.” dedicated to different topics:

    On April 20-24, 2018, within the framework of the Science Week, the I-regional scientific and practical conference of young scientists and students “Science. Technologies. Innovations-2018”, dedicated to the Year of Regional Development and the 90th anniversary of Ch. T. Aitmatov was held. 886 students made presentations in 47 sections.

    On April 22-26, 2019, the II Regional Scientific and Practical Conference of Young Scientists and Students “State Language. Science. Technologies. Innovations -2019 “, dedicated to the year of regional development and digitalization of the country and the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic” On the state language of the Kyrgyz Republic “, where 898 students made scientific reports in 47 sections in 9 directions. Also, within the framework of this conference, a regional competition “The Best Innovative Project” was held in three categories: schoolchildren, students, and teachers.
    The members of the jury of the competition were the representatives of the City Hall in Osh city, university teachers of the southern region of the Kyrgyz Republic, teachers of Osh city. The winners were awarded I, II, III degree diplomas and cash prizes.

    From April 25 to May 28, 2020, within the framework of the Science Week, the III-regional scientific and practical conference of young scientists and students “Science. Technologies. Innovations-2020” was held. The conference was held on the ZOOM platform, where 845 reports were presented in 47 sections.

    Osh TU students annually actively participate in the Regional Student Olympiad (RSO), as well as in various exhibitions, competitions and conferences.
    The indicators of research work of the teaching staff of Osh TU for 2020 were reported and published at 226 scientific and practical conferences, of which 180 are international. In the period of 2018-2020, more than 20 International and Republican scientific and practical conferences, 70 scientific seminars, round tables, etc. were held at Osh TU.

    It is necessary to note the contribution of young scientists to the development of scientific research: 110 young scientists are the leaders of scientific research work, individually and in co-authorship they have published more than 150 works. Over the past 5 years, more than 800 scientific articles of the teaching staff of Osh TU have been published in scientific periodicals indexed by Scopus, Web of Science and RSCI ( Russian Science Citation Index).

  • Post-graduate study at Osh TU

    The training of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel at the Osh Technological University is carried out through postgraduate studies. The postgraduate study of the Osh Technological University was opened in only one specialty 08.00.05 “Economics and Management of the National Economy” in 1993. In subsequent years, new specialties were opened, and the number of graduate students also increased. To date, the postgraduate study of Osh TU, together with the departments, prepares personnel in 23 specialties:

    03 – ecology – 1
    05 – technical – 10
    06 – forestry-2
    07- international relations-1
    08 – economics -2
    10 – philology – 2
    13 – pedagogy – 2
    18 – architecture – 1

    List of postgraduate specialties at Osh Technological University

    Codes Name of specialties
    1. 01.02.05 Mechanics of liquid, gas, plasma


    2. 03.02.08 Ecology
    3. 05.13.18 Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and program complexes


    4. 05.14.02  

    Power Plants and Electric Power Plants


    5. 05.14.08 Power plants based on renewable types


    6. 13.00.02 Theory of training and education
    7. 05.23.01 Building structures, buildings and facilities
    8. 05.23.17 Structural Mechanics
    9. 08.00.05 Economics and National Economy Management
    10. 08.00.13 Mathematical instrumental methods in economics
    11. 08.00.10 Finance, currency circulation and credit
    12. 05.23.05 Building materials and products


    06.03.02 Forest science, forestry, forest management and forest inventory
      14. 06.03.00 Forestry
    15. 05.23.03 Heat supply, ventilation, air conditioning, gas supply and lighting


    16. 10.02.19 Language theory
    17. 10.02.20 Comparative-historical, typological and comparative linguistics


    18. 18.00.02 Architecture of buildings and structures, creative concepts of   architectural activity


    19. 07.00.15 History of international relations and foreign policy


    20. 01.02.04 Deformable Solid Mechanics


    21. 05.22.10 Operation of motor transport


    22. 02.00.01 Organic Chemistry


    23. 05.02.18 Theories of mechanisms and machines

    In its work, the postgraduate study of Osh TU is guided by the regulatory legal acts of the Kyrgyz Republic on education, the Charter of Osh TU, decisions of the Academic Council, the Regulations on the Department of Postgraduate Studies.As of January 1, 2017, the number of graduate students is 44, of which 12 are full-time students, 32 are part-time students.On the basis of the plan of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic (PR. # 1546/1 dated December 15, 2017) 10 people were admitted to graduate school (5 –full-time students, 5 – part-time students). Directions: technical – 5, pedagogy – 1, ecology – 3, chemistry – 1.

    From 1996 to 2017, 487 people graduated from Osh TU.






    1 1996 6
    2 1997 6
    3 1998 15
    4 1999 26
    5 2000 29
    6 2001 20
    7 2002 22
    8 2003 19
    9 2004 15
    10 2005 21
    11 2006 23
    12 2007 33
    13 2008 38
    14 2009 24
    15 2010 30
    16 2011 28
    17 2012 25
    18 2013 27
    19 2014 18
    20 2015 16
    21 2016 18
    22 2017 10
      Total: 487


    From 1996-2017, graduate students and applicants of Osh TU successfully defended 157 dissertations. Of these: 15 doctoral, 142 candidate dissertations.

    Years Total defended dissertations of them
    Doctoral Candidates
    1 1996 5 1 4
    2 1997 6 6
    3 1998 7 1 6
    4 1999 9 2 7
    5 2000 9 1 8
    6 2001 5 5
    7 2002 5 1 4
    8 2003 5 1 4
    9 2004 7 2 5
    10 2005 8 8
    11 2006 5 5
    12 2007 9 9
    13 2008 7 7
    14 2009 9 9
    15 2010 9 9
    16 2011 6 1 5
    17 2012 9 9
    18 2013 4 4
    19 2014 8 1 7
    20 2015 9 2 7
    21 2016 8 1 7
    22 2017 8 1 7
      Total: 157 15 142

    Persons, who defended doctoral dissertations from 1996 to 2017

    Years Name Scientific degree
    1 1996 Zulpukarov K.Z. Doctor of Philology
    2 1997
    3 1998 Satarov Zh.S. Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences



    1999 Ismanzhanov A.I. Doctor of Technical Sciences
    {Koshakova M.Zh.} Doctor of Technical Sciences
    6 2000 Nurunbetov B.A Doctor of Historical Sciences
    7 2001
    8 2002 Abidov А.О. Doctor of Technical Sciences
    9 2003 Smailov E. Doctor of Agricultural Sciences
    10 2004 {Ashbaev AA} Doctor of Physics and Mathematics
    11 2005 Marufiy A.T. Doctor of Technical Sciences
    12 2006
    13 2007
    14 2008
    15 2009
    16 2010
    17 2011 Atakulova M. Doctor of Philology
    18 2012
    19 2013
    20 2014 Ashirbaeva A.Zh. Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences –
    19 2015 Zholdoshev B.M. Doctor of Technical Sciences
    20 2015 Uzenbaev R.A. Doctor of Economic Sciences
    20 2016 Mendibaev N. Doctor of Sociology


    2017 Tashbaev A.M. Doctor of Economic Sciences

    The scientific management of the work of graduate students is carried out by highly qualified employees of the Osh Technological University. The number of scientific leaders  is 47, of them: doctors of sciences – 31, candidates of sciences – 16 Training of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel at the Osh Technological University named after M.M. Adyshev The training of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel at the Osh Technological University is carried out through postgraduate studies.The postgraduate study of Osh TU in its activities is guided by the Regulation “On the training of scientific, pedagogical and scientific personnel in the Kyrgyz Republic” (approved by the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Higher Attestation Commission of the Kyrgyz Republic, the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic of November 09, 1995 No. 8c / c-3/2 “, Regulations of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Kyrgyz Republic, approved by the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic of August 22, 2012 under No. 578, regulatory documents of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Charter of Osh TU and other internal legal documents of the university. The training of graduate students at Osh TU is carried out in the fields of science and scientific specialties in accordance with the current Nomenclature of specialties of scientific workers of the Kyrgyz Republic “approved by Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Kyrgyz Republic dated November 25, 2010 No. 8-4 / 10. NOMENCLATURE of specialties of scientific workers”.Admission to graduate school is carried out on the basis of budgetary and contractual funding for places allocated by the Ministry of the Kyrgyz Republic.Together with the departments of the university, the postgraduate study of Osh TU today trains personnel in 23 specialties:03-ecology-105-technical -1608-economics-113-pedagogy-218-architecture-225-geology-1As of January, 1, 2021, 49 people are studying in the postgraduate studies, of which 25 –full- time students, 24 –part-time students.In 2018, candidate dissertations were defended by 8 people who completed postgraduate training at Osh TU,1 person defended a doctoral dissertation . In 2019, 9 postgraduate students of Osh TU defended their candidate dissertations, 1 person defended a doctoral dissertation.In 2020, 4 people defended their candidate’s dissertation, 2 people defended their doctoral dissertation.

    Table13. Dynamics of the teaching staff of Osh TU who defended their candidate and doctoral dissertations


    Year Number of teaching staff, who defended their Ph.D. thesis Number of teaching staff who defended their doctoral dissertation
    1 2015 8 2
    2 2016 7 1
    3 2017 7 2
    4 2018 8 1
    5 2019 9 1
    6 2020 4 2 (1-Has not yet received approval from the Higher Attestation Commission of the Kyrgyz Republic)
    Total; 43 9

  • The Master’s Degree Department

    The Master’s Degree Department is a structural subdivision of the Osh Technological University, organizing the educational process for the second degree of higher education (in master’s degree).Master’s degree is the second stage of higher education, which provides for a special, individual training program for each student, aimed at preparing for independent studies of research, scientific and pedagogical, innovative activities

    The Master’s Degree Department was formed on the basis of the order of the Osh TU rector on September 4, 2013 as a result of the reorganization of the postgraduate, doctoral and magistracy department, opened in 2004.

    Atakulova Merim AbdykerimovnaPosition: Head of the Master’s Degree DepartmentAcademic title, specialty: Associate Professor, Professor of Osh TUPublished books, scientific works and other publications: Published 14 teaching aids, 3 textbooks, 4 monographs, more than 60 scientific articles.Phone: 0777 27-07-77, 03222 4-37-37E-mail:
    The main goal of the Master’s Degree Department is to assist in providing full opportunities and conditions for the necessary training of undergraduates in accordance with the principles of lifelong education, the needs of the world labor market, the formation of an integrated educational space in the training of scientific personnel.




    • The main tasks of the Master’s Degree Department are:• organization and planning together with the leadership of the departments of admission and training of undergraduates in the available areas and specialties;
      • ensuring the training of scientific and pedagogical personnel in demand on the world labor market, as well as timely defense of master’s theses;
      • organization and coordination of educational and educational-methodical work of the departments for the preparation of undergraduates, including control over the development and implementation of scientific and educational programs by the departments;
      • control, accounting, analysis and assessment of the state of training of undergraduates based on the results of attestations and scientific achievements of students.

      Directions of master’s professional activity:
      • organizational and managerial;
      • analytical;
      • design and economic;
      • research;
      • scientific and pedagogical.
      After graduating from the master’s degree, undergraduates can continue their studies in PhD doctoral studies.

      Applicants of the Master’s Degree Department must submit the following documents:
      • a personal statement addressed to the rector of Osh TU with an indication of the master’s program;
      • a copy of the identity and citizenship document;
      • a copy of a diploma of higher professional education (bachelor’s or specialist’s) with an attachment (notarized);
      • summary;
      • a copy of the attribution certificate or military ID;
      • 6 photos of 3×4 size.

      Preparation of undergraduates is carried out in full and part-time forms of study.
      Duration of study: full-time form – 2 years, part-time form – 3 years.
      Currently, the Master’s Degree Department, along with departments, prepares 14 specialties in 12 areas.

      • Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.
      • Electricity and electrical engineering.
      Specialization: power supply.
      Specialization: electric power systems and networks.
      • Cartography and Geographical Information Science
      • Computer science and programming technology.
      • Construction on the project (TEMPUS).
      • Information systems and technologies;
      Specialization: information systems and technologies in economics.
      • Building.
      • Applied Computer Science.
      • Agro-engineering.
      • Info-communication technologies and communication systems.
      • Ecology and nature management.
      • Technology of production and processing of agricultural products

      Currently, 194 masters are studying for a master’s degree, of which: 128 in the first year, 66 people in the second year.
      The scientific management of the work of undergraduates is carried out by highly qualified employees of the Osh Technological University. Of these: doctors of sciences – 10, candidates of sciences – 28, undergraduates – 14.
      From 2007 to 2016, 224 Master students graduated from magistracy. Many of its graduates, having defended their master’s theses, continue to work successfully at the university itself.
      Education in the Master’s Degree Department has a number of advantages:
      • Firstly, the best teachers of universities in Kyrgyzstan, world-renowned scientists, as well as heads of state and non-state organizations with extensive work experience are invited to lecture master classes for the magistracy;
      • Secondly, an individual approach to each student prevails in the magistracy, which allows you to get really deep theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the available specialties;
      • Thirdly, based on the results of training, a state master’s degree is issued, which is recognized in all countries of the Bologna system;
      • Fourthly, the master’s degree provides an opportunity for further education in graduate school, the development of ideas for master’s research in the dissertation for the degree of candidate of sciences;
      • Fifthly, graduates can become modern highly qualified specialists, demanded services of various fields of activity and forms of ownership, be able to engage in scientific and teaching activities in higher educational institutions.


    The printing house of Osh TU was formed in early February, 1996. The first workers were engineer-maker B.E. Tilenbaeva, technician Zh.A. Arzieva and electronics engineer Sh.M. Saidamatov. , First Vice-Rector E.T. Orozbekov, Z.Sh. Aidarbekov, Sh.M. Saydamatov. For the first time on February 8, 1996, a methodological instruction on sopramatism was issued in a circulation of 200 copies, the author of which was Dzhuraev S.J.Sh.M.Saidamatov was appointed director of the Center for Information and Publishing Technologies. Z. Zaidov, A. Duishoev, D. Dzhumanov, graduates of Osh TU, specializing in “Software for computer technology and automated systems”, worked in the center. They were fully responsible for the operation of all office equipment available at the university,for their installation and software support.The first head of the printing house was Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor. Z.Sh. Aidarbekov. From 1998 to April, 2002,   the center for Information and Publishing Technologies was headed by Sh.M. Saidamatov, now the dean of Faculty of Cybernetics and Information Technologies. From 2003 to 2005, Z. Zaidov was appointed director of the center for Information and Publishing Technologies.Due to the increase in the volume of work since September 2005, the center for Information and Publishing Technologies was divided into two structures:CIT (center of information technology) and EPD (editorial and publishing department). The head of the EPD was appointed B.E. Tilenbaeva, leading specialist -Arzieva Zh.A.

    Tilenbaeva Bagdagul Ergeshovna, Head of the DepartmentMobile phone: 0772 27 29 92E-mail:

    Job responsibilities of the editorial and publishing department head

    •  • Know the rules and methodology for the use of safety equipment which is in operation.
      • Record keeping
      • Control over the estimated cost of blank and methodical products.
      • Completion and preparation of monthly material reports for the services provided.
      Recording in the register of orders accepted.
      Registration of issuance of forms and other printing products.
    •  Providing assistance in the preparation of graphic material on the organization of educational -methodological and research work
    • Timely care of the state of office equipment.
    •  Rational use of technical means and strict accounting of consumables.
    •  Once every 3 months, check the availability of equipment, their technical condition.
    • To fulfill the schedules for checking the technical condition of the computer on time.
    •  Know and fulfill own responsibilities.


    Arzieva Zhamila Arapbaevna, leading specialist

    Mobile phone: 0773 22 33 63

    Responsibilities of the leading specialist of the Editing and Publishing Department

    • Know the rules for the use of technical means and safety equipment which is in operation.
    • Comply with the safety rules.
    • Keep equipment and consumables clean and in good working order.
    • Constantly deal with the issue of professional development.
    • Implementation of control of consumables.
    • Control over the quality of services provided.
    • Control of entry into the log of registration of accepted orders
    • Registration of forms and other printed products.

    Timely maintenance of the state of office equipment.

    • Rational use of technical means and strict accounting of consumables.
    • Reproduction of educational, methodological and scientific documentation.
    • On time to fulfill the schedules for checking the technical condition of Editing and Publishing Department.

    Know and fulfill own responsibilities.


    • issue of teaching aids, collections of lectures, guidelines; monographs, abstracts, etc.;
    • publication of works of university scientists, collection of scientific papers, conferences, seminars, symposia;
    • advertising and information services; (production of various advertising brochures);
    • issue of blank products;

    implementation of artistic design work; • typing and correction of booklets; • scanning of necessary documents, drawings, photographs; • production of congratulatory letters, diplomas, certificates of honor, business cards.

  • Technology and Innovation Support Center (Techno-park)

    Kaldybaev Nurlanbek Arzymamatovich.Mobile phone: 0773719301.E-mail: The Technology and Innovation Support Center (TISC) was established in 2013 on the basis of an agreement between Osh TU and the State Intellectual Property Fund of the State Intellectual Property Service under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic (“Kyrgyzpatent”). Currently, the head of the TISC is Candidate of Technical Sciences Kaldybaev N.A. The center operates in the following main areas:• creation of an information base of scientific, technical and technological developments of the University departments; • advising the University staff on the legal protection of intellectual property, technology transfer and commercialization of scientific and technical developments.• conducting search marketing research of the domestic and foreign markets;


    • preparation of documentation required for the formation and implementation of innovative projects: expert assessment, marketing research reports, business plans, investment business proposals, flyers, etc.;
    • participation in the preparation and maintenance of license agreements and other forms of commercialization of intellectual property objects, including the creation of small innovative enterprises;
    • implementation of interaction and cooperation with industrial enterprises, medium and small businesses in order to actively promote scientific, technical and technological developments of the University on the market;
    • participation in regional and republican innovation programs, interaction with Foundations and state institutions (“Kyrgyzpatent”) that finance investment, innovation and venture projects;
    • presentation of scientific, technical and technological developments of the University in republican and international networks of technology transfer, at innovative forums and exhibitions;

    Under the auspices of the TISC, the university staff participated in many international and republican innovation competitions and exhibitions, constantly improving their skills and professionalism. A grant from the CRDF Foundation (USA), “Kyrgyzpatent” have been won and contractual work is being carried out.

    Currently, the Center’s business partners are:

    • State Service for Intellectual Property and Innovation under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic.• Central Asian Institute of Scientific, Technical and Economic Information (PRC, Urumchu).• Tomsk Consortium of Scientific and Educational Institutions.• American Civilian Research and Development Foundation (CRDF), a technology entrepreneurship support program.• Osh office of the OSCE.• PF “Innovation”.• Osh Regional Center for Children’s Creativity. University staff constantly participate and present investment projects in the International Southern Investment Forum.Within the framework of cooperation with the Central Asian Institute of Scientific, Technical and Economic Information (PRC), university employees have the opportunity to participate in training seminars for the training of management personnel in the field of science and technology.Three agreements on international cooperation have been drawn up: The Staro-Oskol branch and the head university of Russian State Geological Prospecting University named after S. Ordzhonikidze (Russian State Geological Prospecting University, as well as the Tomsk National Research University, signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Far Eastern Federal University.With the support of the Innovation Foundation and the CRDF Foundation (USA), Osh TU was included in the list of users of the World Virtual Science Library, as a result of which employees received free access to international publications included in the global citation indexes Scopus and Web of Science.

    Leading specialists of Osh TU regularly deliver reports at Round Tables organized by “Kyrgyzpatent” in conjunction with government agencies. The student team of Osh TU constantly take prizes in the international youth competition “We are intellectuals of the XXI century” (Anarbaev E., Eldiyar uulu A., students of the group “GSPM-14”), according to the results of active innovative activities, students of the group  “GSPM-15” Omurbek uulu Zh. And Eldiyar uulu A. received a scholarship from “Kyrgyzpatent”.

    Techno-park of Osh TUThe idea of ​​creating a Technopark has been raised since 2011. The Regulations on the Technopark’s activities were prepared, a brochure on investment projects was published, contacts were established and negotiations on cooperation were conducted with many organizations and enterprises. Currently, Technopark OshTU operates with the support of the State Service for Intellectual Property and Innovation (Kyrgyzpatent), as well as the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic.

    The purpose of the Techno-park at Osh TU is to develop innovative activities, stimulate the processes of creating new equipment and technology, introduce and implement regional programs for the industrial use of science-intensive technologies in priority areas for enterprises, organizations and the national economy of the southern region of the Kyrgyz Republic. The Techno-park is a complex of facilities designed to ensure the market launch of high-tech industrial products and technologies.

    The main tasks of the Techno-park:• support for teams of developers engaged in the creation of promising science-intensive technologies;• assistance in the development and implementation of scientific and technical projects and programs aimed at creating science-intensive technologies and competitive products, accelerating their development in production;• attraction to active entrepreneurial activity of the teaching staff and university students, employees of scientific organizations, individual scientists and specialists, assistance in the implementation of their ideas and projects.

    Legal status. Techno-park on the market of innovative technologies acts in the form of an independent legal entity that has close ties with higher educational institutions; research centers industrial enterprises, regional and local authorities. The organizational and economic form of the Management Company is a private Institution; as the resident base expands, it is planned to create Small Innovative Enterprises (in the form of a private enterprise or LLC).

    Currently, the implementation of business projects has begun to establish the production of innovative products in the following areas: strategic information technology (IT) and software; energy efficiency and energy saving; production of new technology and materials. Techno-park conducts marketing research on request, provides services for the design of exploration, mining and construction works, research and development work and organizes various training courses on professional activities in compliance with the requirements, standards and laws of the Kyrgyz Republic.

    Mechanism of interaction between Techno-park and residents. Techno-park residents are legal entities and individual entrepreneurs implementing projects within the Techno-park, using preferences and services provided by it, and included in the established procedure in the register of Techno-park residents. Internal residents – creative groups from among the university employees use preferential services and subsidies allocated to the Techno -park on the basis of an agreement or contract. The groups “IT-technologies” (headed by Seidamatov Sh.M.), “AlterEnergo” (headed by Tokoev O.) and the group “GeoTechno” (headed by Kaldybaev NA) act as internal residents.

    The main partners, i.e. the anchor residents of the Techno-park of Osh TU will be:• Institute of Natural Resources of the Southern Branch of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic• Kyrgyz-Uzbek University• Osh State University.Anchor residents enter into an agreement with the Techno-park administration providing for the location of the organization on the territory of the techno-park and not having any separate subdivisions and branches outside the territory, as well as an obligation to invest more than 10% of the planned value of the volume of private investments in the techno-park.The Techno-park invites business representatives, scientists and government authorities to cooperate in order to support the development of small and medium-sized businesses in Osh, that is, the main solutions to stimulate the development of small and medium-sized businesses in the Osh, Jalal-Abad and Batken regions.Legal address of Techno-park: 723503, Osh, st. Isanov, 81. Osh Technological University.