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Summer schools

Summer schools will be organized during the second and third year of project activities and will target students and researchers of the partner universities. In particular, per each academic partner three students and one professors will be selected to take part in each summer school. Additional information about the selection procedure of each summer school will be provided in the upcoming months on this page and in the section "How to participate".

By the end of the project period six summer schools will have been delivered, one for each country of project partners, namely one in Italy (2017), one in Slovakia (2017), one in Kyrgyzstan (2017), one in Croatia(2018), one in Kazakhstan (2018) and one in China (2018).


SUMMER SCHOOLS held in 2017


Cертификаты летних школ Р9 ОшТУ




Busalima Kadyrberdieva

Aksana Egemberdiev

Avazbek uulu Akboora

Biimamt uulu Ulankadr

Brief report on the Summer School on Land degradation in Kyrgyz Republic

Project: Erasmus+, IUCLAND (International University Cooperation on Land Protection in European-Asiatic Countries), No. 561841-EPP-1-2015-1- IT-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP

held from July  5 to 10 2017 at KSTU and OshTU


The International Summer School on Land Degradation in Kyrgyzstan was held in Bishkek (the capital of Kyrgyzstan) from July 10 to July 15, 2017. This summer school is a joint initiative of the universities of Slovakia, Italy, China, Croatia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.


It brought together students and academic staff from 11 partner institutions to attend summer school: China (3 universities), Kyrgyzstan (2 universities), Kazakhstan (2 universities), Italy (1 university + 1 SME partner), Croatia (1 university), Slovakia (1 university). In particular, from the 52 participants, 31  participants were students and 21 were lecturers. The detailed list of the participants is displayed in Attachment 1.

The duration of summer school was 6 working days, 40 hours.


The summer school was officially opened on July 10, 2017 by the rector of KSTU, professorJamanbaev M.J. together with the local coordinators of the OshTU and KSTU, in the BigAssembly Hall. Further work of the summer school was led by moderators: prof. Bekbolotova A., teacher Kadyrberdieva B.; Participants of the summer school were given weekprogramm (Attachment 2).

During 6 days of the summer school in Bishkek, 8 lecturers from Kyrgyzstan and 5 lecturers from Italy, Slovakia, Croatia, and China conducted lectures on various topics related to land degradation and related issues (Attachment 3).

The summer school was held in the form of lecture, practical and field classes.The practical lessons were held in different auditoriums, using the GIS programs. And after the lessons students attended the geological museum at our campus.For the field classes, the participants of the summer school left for the farm field in "KoyTash» region which is located at an altitude of 1000 m above sea level and studied the composition of the soil, discussed the factors affecting the soil condition.

The last day of the summer school was dedicatedto final testing for 31 master students. Total number of the questions was 20 with three variants of answers for each. The test questions reflected soil degradation and their causes, water resources, landscapes, soil salinization, forest resources of Kyrgyzstan and their impact on soil, the impact of technogenic processes on land resources, the impact of pesticides on the soil. Answers were evaluated on a 100-point system, and majority of students received from 93 to 95 points.

For the successful completion of all assignments, students were awarded 4 ECTS credits.


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